Wow!  I just was checking Award Wallet like I do everyday, sometimes more than once (am I addicted -yes) and poof my Marriott account went from 0 to 70,154 (pack of gum & a couple bills).  LOVE IT!!!  Prior to the 70k Marriott credit card offer, I did not collect Marriott points.  The credit card offers were always low like 30,000 and I just hadn’t got really that interested.  This 70k offer peaked my interested.  After doing my research of what I could do with 70,000 Marriott points I decided to grab it.  It was a tough call as I had opened 4 Chase credit cards this year and wasn’t sure what Chase would do with another app from me.  My credit scores are high (780 – 804) but still you can only get so many cards from one lender per year.  Anyway, they were gracious enough and approved me.  My family thanks them for the great vacation we are going to have next year to the East Coast.  I’ve ready to book my award tickets & now my hotel accommodations for next May.
The 70,000 Marriott offer might still be alive but you can for sure receive 50,000 points.  This offer is so sweet because it truly is the “pack of gum” offer as I like to call it!  No minimum spend – first purchase gets you the bonus.  No annual fee!  And the points post immediately when your statement cycle closes (verified).  Can’t get better than that!!!
For more details on the 70,000 Marriott offer read this Flyertalk thread.  I think that based upon my experience with Chase and bumping bonuses this is a no brainier!  They will bump the bonus to 70k if you apply through a 50,000 link.  The offers have both been available to the public at the same time.  They are really good about offering you the best bonus available as long as it wasn’t a targeted offer. Sometimes I have had them even bump the bonus when I wasn’t targeted.  Neither of these offers were targeted.  So I would just go for it and apply through the 50k offer link that is live.  Once you are approved call and verify the 70k bonus.  If they say you have a 50k offer than tell them, you believe that you were being offered 70k not 50k.  I have the 70k landing page saved with the offer details should you need it for verification.  I have uploaded it here.   Good luck!

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