Windsor – A Visit to the Queen’s Residence

Windsor, England, United Kingdom

Windsor is a pretty town located less than two hours west from London (around 21 miles). The royals liked the town so much; they took their own last name from the town. Once notable for its castle, a big tourist boom led to an influx of other tourist attractions and shopping opportunities for the casual visitor. Let us explore this wonderful town in Berkshire.
Best times to go
Windsor has weather much like London most of the year – however, is not as busy as London. Best time to go is definitely summer: when the flowers and the gardens from Windsor Palace are green and blossoming.
Winter is not the best time to go, as your train may face a few delays if there is snow, and it can get really balmy in England by this time- unless you’re used to the cold. If you’re not, then you might end up as a frozen popsicle.
Getting Around
As the town is not as big and bustling as London, the only way to get around is by public bus. There are also sightseeing buses (coaches) available as a day trip from other cities, and a few of them make a stop in Windsor as part of your tour. You can also book one of those tourist buses that take you on a double decker bus around the city.
If you just want to see the palace and the city center, your best bet would be to walk. There are taxis available but you have to call them up and arrange their services in advance, and is the most expensive form of transportation in the area.
Places to See:

  1. Windsor Palace – a royal residence, you can view the palace and the gardens with the same ticket. If you have more stamina, walk around the Long Walk – it runs for 2.65 miles (one way) and is lined on both ends with trees. Within the grounds, you can see St George’s Chapel – a historic chapel in the grounds where some of the royals (notable ones include Henry VIII and the Queen Mother have been buried.
  2. Legoland Windsor – technically not in the downtown area, the cheapest and fastest way to get there is to catch a public bus. It is the largest Legoland by area – and gets crowded during the summer. Bring an extra pair of clothes if you are planning to ride some of the wet water rides – you may get soaked! Great day to spend outside with the kids.

You may also visit the adjoining town of Eton, a few minutes away from Windsor and home to Eton College – an expensive private school where William & Harry happened to study in, also notable for its historic buildings and grounds.
What to Eat:
Much like London, the food in Windsor revolves around a mishmash of different cultures – you can, however, get decent pub food (ie fish and chips & bangers and mash) at a lot of local joints. Fish and chips are easy to buy and eat under a shaded tree – make sure you don’t spill any of it, otherwise you will smell like fish and vinegar the whole day!
Windsor can be a great day trip from London, or you may opt to stay overnight at one of the charming B&Bs nearby. Whatever you choose to do, we hope you have a wonderful trip.

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