Randy Peterson, the founder of Milepoint is offering a to pay for 1 lucky person’s ticket to the Star MegaDo in November.  Here is all the details from his post.  I won’t try to re-write it in my own words.  Read it from the man himself.  Just wanted you to have the opportunity to enter to win!  Check out the details below.


The MegaDO’s have found a welcome home here on Milepoint and we’re always thrilled to sponsor and host them. Known as the ULTIMATE travel junkie field trip, we’re now on the fourth Star Alliance MegaDO this November. I’ve flown along on each event and had a mile of a smile the entire time and so have the other passengers who can’t wait for the next one to be announced as they sell out real fast, this year in nine minutes flat! So I ask you — Always wanted to go but never lucky enough to catch a seat? Well, you are in luck … I’ve decided do it all over and make it four years in a row in sponsoring to fly someone along for free. Starting right now, you can earn a free flight with other frequent flyers during this years Star MegaDO 4.

First of all – THE EVENT.

Like last year’s event (and the year before and the year before), this one promises to be spectacular. With stops in San Francisco, Houston and Chicago there are sure to be several amazing events along the way. I don’t want to say too much, as the hosts like to keep a few surprises up their sleeves, but I don’t think I’ll be giving anything away when I tell you the itinerary includes:

  • A chance to actually sit at the desk of Jeff Smisek, the CEO of United Airlines. Let power go to your head with this unique opportunity.
    (I had more but the censure department got wind of what else I was going to tell you, so use your imagination).

Did I say “we”? Why yes I did. I’ve booked a special seat (we all know that middle seats are not special) on the flight just for you as my seatmate. As my special guest, you will enjoy:

  • Early boarding for the charter
  • Free drinks
  • VIP access to all events
  • Hours and hours of great conversation with me and others about miles, points, and anything else you want to chat about
  • A swag bag that would make Academy Awards guests jealous (and, if you have Silver, Gold or Platinum status on Milepoint, it will include a new Apple IPAD(mini) — the one not yet announced!
  • Free hotel nights as part of the charter flight: SFO / HOU / ORD
  • And me to carry your bags!

So, at this point you might be wondering, “What do I have to do to get my hands on this VIP ticket?”

✔ This thread will be located daily in a different forum. All you have to do is find the thread and post to it. Anything, even a single word to earn a chance to win a ticket to the Star MegaDO4 event. One day the thread might be in the United MileagePlus forum, the next day the Travel Technology forum and the day after in the Hyatt Gold Passport forum. It shouldn’t be hard to find (hint: What’s New), and it will certainly be worth your effort to look for it and post to it for a chance to win a free flight on the Star Mega DO 4. TIP: Don’t subscribe to the thread unless you have an unlimited data plan because in past MegaDO offers like this we get a lot of entries.Again, we get a lot of entries. And your “subscribe to this thread” email notices will be coming your way — all the time. I’m just sayin’… Also, please limit your entries to not include images or long rambling preambles (winky, winky).

I’ll be picking the winner at random from entries (posts) made before 12:00 p.m. (noon) Sunday, September 30, 2012 – Mountain Time. You read that right. All you have to do to be eligible for this unique experience as my guest is to post something – anything, even a single word – into the Money For Nothing Get Your SMD 4 Free thread. It only takes a single entry to be the lucky one but no doubt there will be some that will post more than once (who would do that?).

Here’s what I’m personally going to pay for:
Like last year, I’m going to narrow it down again and hope that this shortened schedule will work for just about any member as you’ll only have to worry about taking Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (November 14, 15 and 16) off to go along on this very special member event.

  • I’ll pay for your seat on the Star Mega DO4 charter flight from San Francisco to Houston and then on to Chicago (you will be responsible for positioning flights into SFO and out of ORD — but I’ll certainly help you with this!)
  • I’ll cover your Hyatt hotel rooms on Tuesday night (San Francisco), Wednesday night (Houston) and Thursday night (Chicago).
  • I’ll cover some additional expenses such as that early morning Starbucks and any additional meals if you’re the hungry type.

Good luck and thanks for your continued support of Milepoint.

P.S. Remember, if you are a Silver, Gold or Platinum status member on Milepoint and win this VIP MegaDO ticket, you will also win a new iPad(mini) as soon as they become available … hopefully by flight time.



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