Whittier – Alaska (The strangest little town in the world)

Whittier, Alaska

Whittier – Alaska (The strongest town in the world)
In you strip list have you including Whittier-Alaska? If not, please do. This is known as the strongest town in the entire world. It can give you a great vacation packages for both you and your kids.  Whittier- Alaska is full of interest; a few days after Japanese destroyed Dutch Harbor in Aleutian Island during the Second World War. There are several sites can’t miss as well as do when visiting this city. The only fabulous and interesting place to be!
Whittier- Alaska has lovely hiking due to inflow of travelers; it has several interesting shops which are scattered all through. Not to mention scuba and kayaking diving are excellent with well packed docks with cruise ships as well as water taxis to drive you all through the rich waters wildlife of Prince William Sound. Honestly, i must appreciate this great location day cruises for they are among the best in Alaska. It has several boats, large and small. When sailing with them you can be able to see kittiwake rookery whereby you can be able to see eggs in the nests of the birds.
During June, the town usually hosts Walk in Whittier which is geo catching event as well as treasure hunt in the harbor. Not to forget the July celebration and this includes fireworks, parade, kids as well as entertainment with free grill for everyone.  There is also Whittier Halibut Derby which runs on May throughout September while Silver Salmon Derby which is usually during July through September.
Whittier Hotels
When making this trip, accommodation is never a problem. Note that, you should make several arrangements with Whittier Chamber of Commerce. Here you will make choices on where to live be it near Anchorage or Girdwood. It has been recorded that several visitors stays in Whittier just for a day then they connect with other Cruise ships.
Whittier Tours and Attractions- What you must see!
Whittier is a great place and there are several attraction and excellent places which you must see and make a great tour like fishing, glacier cruises as well as kayaking. Not to forget the Major Marine Tours.
Whittier great Transportation
Whittier has excellent and affordable drive which is well used exploring the tunnel. We have Alaska railroad who usually offers excellent services to Whittier from Anchorage.
By the use of Whittier cruises is the best popular ways to visit the place. These Cruises features wildlife, great food, interesting ports of call as well as interesting tours along the way as well as glaciers. The most interesting thing is that you can be able to unpack once.  An excellent transport is provided to Glacier Bay National Park, nice port towns like Juneau, Ketchikan as well as Skagway.  In Whittier you will also see excellent ships which are known as Floating cities with several restaurants, Broadway style entertainment, lounges, health clubs as well as casinos. These cruises cover a big region offering transportation, entertainment as well as meal with an affordable price.  You don’t need a lot of money to travel, with what you have you can travel and explore the world.

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