What to Pack for a Trip to Scotland

If you’re headed to Scotland for a Celtic vacation then it’s essential to make sure you pack well. There are a lot of varied activities to enjoy in Scotland, from touring ancient castles to enjoying a night on the town. Scotland is a geographically diverse region which brings with it unique packing challenges. As with any coastal country, the weather can change quickly which means it’s important to be prepared. The following list of items will help you make sure to enjoy your trip to Scotland without worrying about whether you’ve packed accordingly.


Whether you’re in Scotland during the summer or winter, it’s always important to have a coat. The weather is often damp and humid which can make the air temperature feel a bit colder. In the summertime make sure to have a windbreaker and/or a jacket. In the spring, fall, and winter the temperatures can dip quite low. Winter weather gear is essential.

Rain Gear

If you’re in Scotland, expect rain. It rains often and sometimes with ferocity. This doesn’t seem to bother the people of this great country at all. In fact, they tend to be outdoorsy folks. While you can undoubtedly find rain gear to purchase on your trip, it makes financial sense to bring your own. Bring a rain jacket and boots. If you want to make sure to stay dry, consider rain pants and an umbrella as well.


Layers are the way to go in Scotland. You may find that during the day you’re peeling off layers and down to a t-shirt by midday, and by the end of the evening you’re wearing a sweater and a coat. Pack long pants as well, and if you’re hiking then don’t forget to pack appropriate clothing and shoes. For any traveling excursion, good walking shoes are a must. This is particularly true in Scotland where you may be hiking or walking through ancient ruins and castles.

The Extras

Be sure to pack a camera. Scotland is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and you’ll want to capture every moment. If you’re bringing electronic devices that need to be plugged in, you’ll also want to pack an adaptor or buy one when you arrive. You’ll need a three rectangular pin adapter. Don’t forget toiletries and any medicines you’ll need when you’re there. If you’re camping then you’ll want to bring your camping supplies as well.

Enjoy your time in Scotland. Pack for wet weather and be prepared for anything. Preparation will ensure an enjoyable trip and memories of a lifetime.

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