What to do in Juneau Alaska with Kids

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Juneau – Alaska
Juneau is the Alaska’s capital state which is one of its most beautiful and mostly visited communities in the state. With so much to see and do, there’s certain to be something for you in Juneau. Juneau is situated between Mount Juneau, Gastineau Channel as well as Mount Roberts. This city has waterfront bustles with excellent cruise ships, floatplanes zipping as well as fishing boats in and out.
You will find out that you can’t travel by road when going to Juneau which is the capital city of Alaska.  This can only be reached by sea or air; this is usually a home of state offices as well as a busy cruise ship port. It is still holds the air of a gold-diggers’ settlement having been founded in the 1880s on Gold Creek. The mix of historic and modern also includes a Russian Orthodox Church (1894) and abandoned mines turned museums.  Juneau is an admirable base to explore glacier – draped fjords like national park, Tracy Arm, wilderness of Tongass national forest, Glacier Bay as well as Scenic beauties of the Panhandle.
What to Do in Juneau, Alaska with Kids
Would you like to travel with kids? You don’t have to worry, and enjoy together with them. This area has natural beauty as well as the city’s walkable downtown attraction.  With your kids you can visit Mount Roberts Aerial Tramway whereby you can book through Celebrity Cruises hence saving a lot of cash by just riding on your own. It is usually foggy with superb breath taking views all the way.
You can also burn up your energy in Juneau, after a long tour in Mendenhall Glacier , hiking the Tongass National Forest as well as siting at seafood dinner, even with your kids and never be surprised when the kids become little antsy for this is normal.
You can also visit Tracy Arm Fjord which is usually located at the south east of Juneau. Here you will see ice-cloaked Glacial Fjord cuts in some spectacular scenery with waterfalls tumbling down vertical rock wall while glaciers calving off chunks of ice to create small bergs. Another place should never miss is the Mountains, Ice, and Ocean Meet which is situated at the edge of the Kenai Peninsula, a place of ice age lingers.  Almost 40 glaciers flow from the Harding Ice field, Kenai Fjords’ crowning feature. You will be able to see wildlife thrives in icy waters as well as lush forests all around the immense expanse of ice.

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