What to do in Curacao


Curacao is an island located in the Caribbean. One of the nicest things about Curacao is the fact that it is not as prone to hurricane season as the rest of the islands.
Vacationers are a little more at ease traveling to this particular island due to the fact that it is less inclined to tropical storms.
In addition, Curacao has a little something extra if you are looking for a unique vacation destination. Curacao has some very interesting sightseeing in addition to the tradition vacation amenities such as sand and surf.
Things to Do and See
While many other islands have beaches, bars, restaurant, and night life, Curacao offers more in the way of parks, aquariums, and sightseeing in addition to these other basic vacation treats.
* Christoffel National Park is a great place to visit where you can view the Boca Grandi. The Boca Grandi is home to the caves where the Arawak Indians left their grand paintings. You can also rest at the highest point in Curacao atop of Mt. Christoffel and take in the breathtaking view for a while.
* Curacao Sea Aquarium is a wondrous place for singles, couples, or families. Here you can interact with a friendly dolphin. If you choose to do so, you must book ahead of time as these activities fill up quickly.
* Hato Caves is an adventure in and of itself. Coral and limestone in all their natural glory are here for you to view. Stalactite and stalagmite formations dripping from the caves along with pools and waterfalls make for a spectacular time in these caves.
* Curacao Marine Park is a coral and Marine Park is made for snorkeling and diving excursions. This is an underwater dive park with plenty of opportunity for straight dives.
* Fort Amsterdam hosts several shops, restaurants, and the Governor’s Palace, while Fort Nassau is open for tours with restaurants that sit atop the bay.
Of course, Curacao hosts snow-white sandy beaches and calm sparkling water where you can fully experience what it means to rest and relax. And water sports abound in Curacao.
Shopping, dining, and nightlife are abundant in Curacao, too. Downtown cafes and seaside terrace restaurants are plentiful in Curacao with a budget to suit every need. Whether you are on a romantic excursion or traveling as a family, there will be something for everyone.
While there are many places to visit in the Caribbean for sun, surf, wine and dine, Curacao offers a little something extra in that it is unique in its own right.

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