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Anyone have any fun tips you want to give me for my trip to San Francisco next weekend with fam.  I’ve been many a times but just wondering if anyone has some great fun activities specifically for children that may not know about.  We are planning to visit the San Francisco Zoo on Saturday with the California Academy of Science as the backup in case of rain.  On Sunday, we are planning to go to the Bay Area Children’s Museum where we have been before.  This is one of the best children’s museum’s I have been too.  My kids & I loved it so much when we visited last year.  We will head down to the wharf of course.  Probably take a trolley car ride which they’ll love.  Dinner in “Little Italy”.  Will see what all we can squeeze in.
Anyway, my littlest one is turning three the following week so this is kind of a little birthday present for him.  I’m busy busy planning his 3 year party for the following weekend too.  He wants Thomas the Train……what little 3 year old boy doesn’t.

Well, any tips you have would be most appreciated!  I’ll post some pictures when I return for those who are interested in this sites.  Thanks so much!

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  1. Last year my son was 3. I prefer the Academy of Sciences over the San Fran zoo. If you want to do the zoo, then go to the Oakland zoo as it is much better. After a tiger killed someone at the San Fran zoo a few years ago it has really gone down hill. If you like children's museums, also consider the one in San Jose which I personally like the inside/exhibits better than the Bay Area Children's museum (though outside is not a picturesque). http://www.redtricycle.com has good children's activity information.Enjoy! Ed

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