Weekend Getaway to Las Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas
When you are on vacation, it’s certain that you’ll do things differently than usual while at home, especially if the place of your choice is Las Vegas. The world capital of entertainment, Las Vegas, is the largest and most famous city in the state of Nevada. Located in the middle of a vast desert, the city was founded with the aim to create mega casino hotels, with luxurious interior and exterior. It became a top “theme park” for adults thanks to great attention to detail at this destination. Walk down famous street in Las Vegas, known as the “Strip”, looks like a journey through wonderland. Known as Las Vegas Boulevard and Strip portion of the road, it is the world’s unique place of largest hotel and casino-hotels. Visitors have the opportunity to see a part of New York, London and Paris, as well as to get to know Venice, sailing the canals in a gondola. Las Vegas is not just for gamblers. There are many entertainment options for all visitors. Las Vegas is full of theme parks, shopping malls and golf courses, and is an ideal destination for the whole family.
The “entertainment capital” is one of the most visited cities in America. You always have something to do in Las Vegas and you’ll never be bored. Whether you prefer gambling, shows, concerts, theater performances, comedy or magic, Las Vegas has it all. Many popular international stars have their own shows right here. Special attractions of Las Vegas are the wedding chapels, so if you decide to marry your loved one, you can do it here without great preparation.
Las Vegas Strip
Las Vegas is such a place that does not have a separate annual visiting time; it is amusing and interesting throughout the whole year. Perhaps the best weather is in the spring or autumn, summer although interesting is known to be too hot, because of a lot of tourists and temperatures above 40 C.
Some of the most popular tourist destinations in the world are precisely in this city. Some were seen in the famous Hollywood movies, and some you could not have even dreamed of. Imperial Palace Hotel – legendary hotel is located on the Strip and occupies an area of ​​7.000m2. In addition to the hotel with 2,640 rooms and a casino, special classic car collection is placed here. In one of the largest showrooms in the world, visitors can see the hundreds of famous cars and vintage cars that are not only a part of the collection but also for sale. Visit this rich auto collection will complement your holiday in Las Vegas. Hotel Bellagio could be seen in one of the last scenes of the film Ocean’s 11 in. It was opened in 1999. Chocolate shop with a huge chocolate fountain stands out in the tremendous shopping mall. The corridors are extremely long, with glamour and luxury on every step, especially at the pool. If you book in advance on condition that you won’t stay for the weekend or on a holiday, you can get a good deal for the room at this hotel. Otherwise the prices are high. The biggest attraction of the hotel Bellagio is a man-made lake size fountain. The shows take place every 30 minutes in the afternoon and every 15 minutes in the evening. Two minutes before the performances, nozzles break the water surface and dive back after the show. Fremont Street – is one of the most beautiful places in Las Vegas. Located in the heart of Vegas, Fremont Street has ten legendary casinos. There are also many restaurants and other attractions. Eiffel Tower – located along the Strip and is one of the many great sites of Vegas. Half scale replica of the original tower is constructed near the hotel “Paris”. You can ride elevator up the tower and enjoy the view of popular boulevard landmarks. Madame Tussauds – wax museum in Las Vegas offers a unique experience. Meet Pawn Stars, Las Vegasfamous historical figures, as well as international stars, including the King of rock and roll, Elvis Presley.
Las Vegas is a home of some of the best restaurants in the world, mainly designed for clients with deeper pockets but also available to a much wider range of guests, as good in quality. One of the most famous is certainly Viva Las Arepas, with the best impressions and reviews from tourists coming from all over the world. At Cut, celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck delivers what the name implies – rarely delicate pieces of meat. Previously opened in New York and Los Angeles, the restaurant is already marked as one of the best steakhouses by American critics. For those with a slightly shallower pocket there are the Grand Lux Café, Full Ho Chinese cuisine and Firefly on Paradise Rd.
We had fun checking out the set and store of the show Pawn Stars.  We even got to be in one of their daily filmings as extras.  Just show up early and stand in line and you’ll get to be an extra too!  Fun to see yourself on the show in the background walking around acting like you aren’t paying attention to the negotiation going on.
Regardless what you’re looking for you will surely find it in Las Vegas.

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