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I’ve got a great new service for you to check out.  To simplify people’s hectic lives and improve redemption, combines all of a family’s membership and loyalty programs – programs like LivingSocial, Starbucks, United MileagePlus and Marriott Rewards – into a single dashboard, and protects them against expiration. Points, miles and credits are organized to use like cash, as second currencies available to spend. UsingMiles provides tools, such as an advanced travel search engine, to help members earn more points and finds efficient ways for families to spend their second currencies.

The site is organized in three different ways:

1. A loyalty dashboard that manages over 160 programs, ranging from airline, hotel, restaurant, grocery, daily deal and more. For a full list of the programs under management, please use this link:

2. Expiring award alerts are sent out whenever a Premier user has expiring miles, points, credits or vouchers. The goal is to give people reminders with ways to activate their points and keep them from disappearing forever.

3. Thousands of bonus deals are aggregated into one search engine. Users can search for deals by keyword, category or company. They can also view all of the deals for the programs in their dashboard. In the near future, deals will be more tightly integrated with search so you can get customized deals each time you travel somewhere – or even in your home town.

4. Cash and award searches are executed simultaneously so you can see if it is better to use miles/points or cash on a specific fare. Soon you will see a deeper integration with credit card programs and an inclusion of benefits at your status levels (first checked bag free, free WIFI in room, etc.)

UsingMiles has a basic membership (Free) that only includes the dashboard and cash (paid) search. The Premier membership ($29.99/yr – includes all of the advanced features, such as expiring award alerts, award search, bonus deals, etc. 

Now for the great news!  I’ve recently developed a partnership with UsingMiles.  My partnership allows all my readers and those I refer to receive the Premium Membership for free!  You will receive a Lifetime Premium Membership with no annual fees ever!  I do not receive any referral commissions but UsingMiles will be in return promoting the Miles Momma Resource site.

So I encourage you to take advantage of this special offer I have available to me right now.  I don’t know how long this will last!  You must register through the link below to receive the Lifetime Premium Membership.  Love to have your feedback on the program!  Enjoy! 


  1. usingmiles premium has been offered free through so many bloggers and other travel sites, i signed up like a month ago, i still prefer awardwallet .

    1. @Lisa. You can go ahead and enroll and add your programs through the link in this post or on the front page of the Miles Momma site.

    1. Yes, none of the programs like this are allowed to track AA. Wish they would get with the program. They are concerned about privacy issues with their members I think.

      1. Emil, thanks for asking a great question! My name is Krista and I am the Founder of UsingMiles. We have been working with AA for months to get them back on the site and I believe we are very close. Please be patient with us. We know it is an important airline and we are doing everything in our power to get them back on the site quickly.

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