Barclay has just increased their bonus offer on the The US Airways Premier World MasterCard®.  The bonus was 40,000 and now it has been increase to 50,000 bonus miles.  There has been a unofficial offer link available for 40,000 miles that many were using to apply for the last year or more but now the terms have changed and only allow US Airways employees to apply.  The application asks for a airline code and US Airways employee badge number which never was the case before.  I myself applied through this link last year.  So now this newly launched public offer through affiliates is the best deal for this card now.

This is definitely a great offer as you can book two domestic tickets with 40,000 miles because cardholders receive 5,000 miles off award mileage requirements.  A domestic ticket (U.S., Alaska & Canada) normally requires 25,000 miles but as a cardholder of the US Airways Premier World Mastercard you can get an award ticket for only 20,000 miles.  This benefits really makes this bonus offer a sweet deal!  You can also get a business class ticket to North Asia for only 90,000 (including a stopover in Europe – which is allowed on US Airways but not all airlines).  This bonus would get you a big jump start in that direction.

The only catch on the full 50,000 bonus miles is to receive the full 50,000 miles you must do a balance transfer within 90 days.  This is a bad deal though as you have to pay a 3% fee on any balance transfer amount.  According to the terms and conditions you would have to transfer $10,000 to receive a 10,000 mile bonus.  So the offer of 50,000 bonus miles is really not what it seems in the marketing.  You do receive the first 40,000 miles after your first purchase.  This is a great deal though as it gives you two domestic tickets for only the price of the annual fee $89 (which is not waived) and you have NO MIN. SPEND!  Yippee!!!  Love the freebie mile offers!!

You also receive two roundtrip annual companion tickets.  These are really great for families.  For example if a husband and wife applied for these cards they would receive 80,000 US Airways miles (40,000 each), plus 4 annual companion tickets.

  • A companion ticket — buy one ticket for at least $289+tax and then each of two companions can fly for $99+tax each on the same itinerary.  This really brings down the cost of a family flight for a large family if you have 4 companion tickets between the husband and wife.

You also receive:

  • First class check-in and priority boarding.
  • A lounge pass every year.
  • 5000 mile discount on awards that are on US Airways flights only (not on airline partners), including off-peak awards.  This is a huge asset of being a US Airways cardholder.  See the tremendous mile saves for Europe & South America below.

Off Peak Awards:

US Airway Cardholders
Between North America* or Hawaii and South America Coach 35,000 30,000
  Business 60,000 55,000
Between North America* or Hawaii and Europe Coach 35,000 30,000
  Business 60,000 55,000


  • Enjoy 2 miles per $1 on US Airways purchases
  • Earn 1 mile per $1 spent everywhere else
  • Zone 2 priority boarding on every flight
  • First class check-in

I give a thumbs up on this offer.  I highly recommend this card not only for the obvious free flights given through the bonus 40,000 miles after the first purchase but for the ongoing benefits of being a cardholder.  So if you don’t have this card, grab one today!  One other great advantage of this offer is that it is offered through Barclays and not Chase or American Express.  So if you’ve had several Chase or American Express applications you’re route to approval will be much easier with Barclays.  Chase & American Express typically have some of the best industry offers but you can only get so many credit cards from one lender in one year.   😥


The US Airways Premier World MasterCard®



  1. “One other great advantage of this offer is that it is offered through US Bank and not Chase or American Express.”
    Incorrect, should read:
    Offered by Barclay Bank not U.S. Bank

  2. This is worse than the other offer, which waives the first year fee and awards 10,000 bonus miles per year. It also earns 10,000 EQM and waived award processing fees after $25,000 in spend.

  3. Dividend Miles basically has to be used for flights only which is limits its versatility. Can’t use for hotel, car rentals, or merchandise. I’m kind of sorry I got it in the first place.

    1. @Billy D – You are totally right! My favorite miles/points to collect are Ultimate Rewards points & AMEX Membership Rewards because of the versatility but I always suggest to diversify in your earnings. US Airways miles can be useful in some situations and it’s nice to have a stack of them sitting around when you need them. I do and I suggest for anyone to grab the free and easy 40,000 from this deal. Not a boat load but adds up for a family.

    1. @Leslie – I wasn’t aware of a 65,000 offer but a 60,000 offer that again as I explained really wasn’t 60,000 because it required a balance transfer to get the 60,000. I received only 40,000 from that offer a year ago as no balance transfer is worth the fees unless you need to do it.

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