YEAH!  All my US Airways Grand Slam hits have finally all posted.  Took some baby sitting with some of those hits but they all came through.  This was a very fun promo from US Airways.  It was my first year participating so I did not post about it.  I felt I was just in the learning stage.  This year, I will definitely post as I feel I have some insight to offer.  The promotion ran from September 14 – November 14, so I would expect it would be around the same time this year.  If you haven’t participating and could use US Airways miles, I would keep an eye out for this promo in the fall.  I’ll keep you post!  I just played it really easy and went for 16 hits for my account and 12 hits for each of my children & husband’s accounts.  To earn these miles I spent $18.87 ($6.29 x 3) for my hubby’s & 2 children’s account, netting their accounts 10,561.  Then I spent $96.61 for my 16 hits which netted my account 32,520 miles.  Keep in mind, I didn’t buy these miles.  I bought items & services that I actually used.  Many of the items I purchased went to family & friends for Christmas.  The hubby & children’s accounts were mostly all free hits.  Bottom line, this promotion is a super easy way to earn a few free tickets for your family.  Check out this forum on Flyertalk Grand Slam 2011 for more details.
Did any of you do the Grand Slam?  Did you get all your hits posted?  Any troubles?  Need any help/advice?

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