Just wanted to let you all know that I called AMEX again today to confirm that I really had to shop only with a small business that appeared on the AMEX Facebook page.  The rep I spoke with today said “NO”.  He said that I only needed to be sure that the business was in fact a small business and not incorporated.  This makes more sense than what I was told the other night.  I was wondering how in the world they were keeping track of these small business all over the U.S.
Just wanted to post this real quick.  I’m pumped because now I can shop where I really wanted to, my favorite little boutique store.  I always look and rarely buy there.  Pricey little girly things!!!  I hope they don’t mind charging my 4 separate cards.  I guess I could just keep coming back in and purchasing the next item but that would be too odd.  I think I’ll just tell them I’m doing the Shop Small Saturday promotion with AMEX and hopefully they will have heard about it.
Well, I hope you all have registered and are ready to shop tomorrow!  Have fun!

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