U.S. Airways Grand Slam Promo

Dividend Miles - Grand Slam 2011

Earn 110,000 bonus miles and hit it out of the park


This the first year I’ve decided to play along with the Grand Slam.  It is really fun and addicting.  I’ve decided that this promo is only worth me investing a little $$ so I’m not going for the BIG TIME 110,000 points.  I’ve decided to go for 16 hits, 25,000.  My total spend so far for the 16 hits is $96.10 and I’m very pleased with that. 25,000 miles is 1 domestic ticket for my family at a very cheap price.  When I redeem this ticket I will make sure it’s for a high dollar value ticket.   I am also playing on a smaller scale for my hubby & 2 children.  I will be earning 8 hits for each of there accounts for a total of 10,000 miles a piece; total spend for those miles is $7.79 because most of the hits are free.
You can easily earn 4 hits and 3,000 miles for FREE!
Read more details below and see how the promotion works.
*Thanks to The Points Guy for this detailed ” U.S. Airway Grand Slam “Master Guide”
Also, check out this thread on Flyertalk for the most up-to-date
cheapest hits list and details about those hits.
I will be posting my exact hits in a later post for you to see how my hits break down.  If you have any questions or need any help, please don’t hesitate to drop me a message.

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