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Grand Canyon – Arizona
Grand Canyon is an attractive city situated in northwest corner of Arizona, just close to the borders of Nevada as well as Utah. Here is where Colorado River flows through the Canyon which is in Arizona. It lies within Grand Canyon National Park and it is usually managed by National Park service.  Grand Canyon is one of the most attractive places with excellent attention of the world for several reasons.  The place has stunning rocks which are not naturally unique with similar rocks which are found throughout the world.
Grand Canyon is usually the biggest attraction in America. Visiting this place, you will be able to see wonderful landscape which is usually carved by Colorado River which reveals beautiful nature and the wonder it can create. Most visitors see the canyon from the South Rim, where there are numerous lookout areas all along the road and walkway running along the canyon’s edge. The North Rim provides a different view altogether, but the road is closed in winter. For those who want a closer look, it is possible to hike down into the Grand Canyon or take a helicopter flight over and through the canyon.
Amazing Glen Canyon National Recreation Area is a stunning area of blue water, desert landscape, and dramatic stone walls. In addition to Glen Canyon, the area is also home to Lake Powell, one of the largest manmade lakes in the United States.
Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park
Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park straddles the border between Arizona and Utah. The impressive Wild West landscape includes jagged rock formations, dramatic buttes, and sand dunes. Visitors can do a self-drive tour through the valley, take a guided tour or photography tour, or simply appreciate some of the views from the passing highway.  Another exciting place to be is Hoover Dam, is the largest artificial lake in the United States as well as Sedona
Grand Canyon Facts for Kids
Enjoy our fun Grand Canyon facts for kids. Understand what makes the Grand Canyon so special with our range of interesting information and trivia. Learn where the Grand Canyon is located, how long it is, why it is an important site for geologists, how many visitors it has each year, how deep it is, when it became a national park and much more.
Grand Canyon National Park, a World Heritage Site and one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, is a top family travel destination and a must see, at least once. And it offers something for everyone. Take a day trip to the South Rim or Grand Canyon West and take in the beauty and magnitude of the Grand Canyon. Spend a week or more and explore. Take a train, plane or helicopter tour. Hike, raft, or take a mule ride along the canyon floor. Enjoy the view from above on the recently inaugurated glass-bottom Skywalk. Experience the backcountry on the Grand Canyon North Rim. And if you’re traveling with older teens ready to test their survival skills, make the journey to Toroweap, also known as Tuweep, and enjoy the best views from the rim. A Grand Canyon vacation can be as brief or as adventuresome as you desire.
Grand Canyon Restaurants
Within the park on the South Rim, you can find everything from cafeteria food to casual café fare to creatively prepared, Western- and Southwestern-inspired American cuisine. There’s even a coffeehouse with organic joe. Reservations are accepted (and recommended) only for dinner at El Tovar Dining Room; they can be made up to six months in advance with El Tovar room reservations, 30 days in advance
We’re not just close—we’re there! Getting here is easier that you might think. You can get to Grand Canyon South Rim by bus, car, plane or train.

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