TRIP ALERTZ – $40 for $100 CREDIT is a private community of more than 10 million travelers worldwide, with member-only discounts on hotels and resorts of 20 to 67 percent off the leading public hotel sites. TripAlertz helps hotel partners by filling empty rooms when occupancy is low, but “last-minute” booking is not required to get these super deals.

It’s free to join and you can earn a $5 credit by referring your friends to join.  They also earn a $5 credit when they join.  There is also no limit to the amount of credit you can earn.  Credit is good or 1 full year from the time you earn it.  So you have plenty of time to find a deal that works for you.  You can keep building up your credit and earn yourself a free vacation.


Google Offers is currently selling a $100 Trip Alertz credit for only $39.  Grab this hot offer quick as it expires in 3 days.  Join now here and earn $5 for me referring you.  Then email all your friends and family and refer them with your personalized link.  Or put your link on your facebook page or tweet it!!  Have fun!


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