TRAVELOCITY CARD – 27,500 Points + 10% CASH BACK

Well, if you are a regular reader you know that I’ve been featuring some credit cards bonuses that are not so heavily written about.  There are many great offers out there that some bloggers just choose not to write about.  I figure it’s because there is no referral incentive for them as affiliates.  This is not my style though.  I’m looking to bring you a complete blog that enables you to really live the dream of FREE travel!  I’m always researching these promotions for myself and I try to cover all credit card promotions that I feel would be an asset in building your “travel bank”.  There are so many it would be impossible to keep up with them all.  I try to just feature the ones that I think are many the “diamond in the rough”.  Others are just not worth featuring as the benefits don’t really make them worth your time.  
I personally am looking at applying for the Travelocity card for a couple reasons.  I have hundreds of thousands of miles and points but many of these sources are limited.  Wen it comes to booking European rail tickets or booking bed and breakfasts in some towns in Europe, I need more options.  All my hotel points are in programs like, Marriott, Hilton, Starwood, etc.  These types of wonderful brands do not have accommodations in towns like Conwy, Wales where I plan to stay in 2013 with my family.  My Chase Ultimate Rewards points & AMEX Membership Rewards points aren’t so helpful either.  They both allow you book travel directly on their websites but the choices are very limited when you start getting into more small town locations.  So, do I want to pay cash for my accommodations on those eight nights I plan to be in small towns in Europe?  Are you crazy!  Of course not, I’m Miles Momma!   With the Travelocity card, I can book small local hotels and even bed & breakfasts on  I can also book European train tickets through Rail Europe on  So you can see why this card is appealing to me in my travel planning.  Maybe it might be an asset to you as well.  Check out the details of the bonus below.  There are many ways you could use these points for just about any travel expense.

TRAVELOCITY AMEX -offered by Barclays

  • 5 points for each $1 spent on Travelocity
  • 2 points for each $1 spent on the preferred category you choose – gas, groceries or restaurant.
  • 1 point for each $1 on all other purchases
  • Annual fee: $39
  • 1st  Bonus:   7,500 after first purchase
  • 2nd Bonus: 20,000 spend $4,000 in
  • Balance Transfer Bonus: up to $5,000 – first 30 days


  • You can still earn frequent flyer miles when you book through Travelocity
  • You can get 10% back when you book travel through Travelocity
  • No limits on the amount of points you can redeem at one time


2 thoughts on “TRAVELOCITY CARD – 27,500 Points + 10% CASH BACK”

  1. I agree with your idea that Travelocity credit is better for those who like to travel economically. The offer terms seem to be deliberately confusing, in that you can get 20,000 points only by spending $4K at Travelocity (their regular 5 points/dollar spent offer).

  2. Thanks Mike for pointing that important detail out. I've gone over the T&C's several times and I can not find where it gives the specifics on the 20,000 bonus miles. It covers the 1st bonus and transfer bonus but not the BIG one. Really slick if you ask me. If you have the link where it states that the $4,000 must be spent on, could you please post. I know you do get 5 points per dollar on but the extra 20,000 doesn't specify that you need to spend that $4,000 on their site. Grrrr!!!

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