Travel Protected With Custom Handmade Face Masks

Protected and Glamorous During COVID19

Hello fellow travelers,

Are you looking to get a face mask for future travels or just around town like many Americans right now?  Well, why not get a personalize stylish face masks that is also comfortable to wear.

Today I’d like to feature my mother who is a senior citizen with a small Etsy business that has been devastated by the COVID19 crisis and economy crash.  There are so many small businesses that are suffering and I want to encourage you to support small business more than ever before.  The big companies of America will survive this economic crisis but many little businesses will not.

My mother in her 70’s, being in a high risk group, was looking for a way to help others and also supplement her loss of income.  Her normal Etsy business Kuuipo Designer Jewels, features stunning custom handmade Hawaiian jewelry.   As a quilter and lifelong seamstress, she has creatively jumped into making custom face masks at a dirt cheap price of $10 per mask. You can select a print that fits your style and personality.  She will customize your face mask as you like.  You can even pick a different print for each family member. Her handmade face masks are made of 100% cotton. They are washable with nose wire for better fit.  Her face masks provide 4 layers of fabric with 2 inner layers. They are available in assorted colors and prints with more prints being added daily. You can also specify masculine or feminine when ordering. Note: These are not medical grade and made only for personal use.

Purchasing a handmade face masks is absolutely better than any disposable uncomfortable mask. You’ve seen them folks!  A handmade reusable mask will provide you with a comfortable face mask that won’t drive you crazy.  You can also use your mask for future international or domestic travel where you might need to cover up.  I highly recommend you grab a few to keep on hand for yourself and family. You can find all the details and place an order at her Etsy Shop: KuuipoDesignerJewels

Be sure to remember to look out for all those small businesses in your community and help them continue to survive through this crisis so they can thrive again someday soon!  Small businesses are at the heart of American. Lastly, I leave you with one of my mother’s famous lines when times were tough growing up. She would often say, “This too shall pass" and I’ve found it so true over the year.  Nothing lasts forever and so this month will not either.  Stay strong! We will all be with our family and friends again soon; enjoying all those things that make life so rich.  And yes, we will all travel the world again!

Happy Easter Weekend! Praying for America! #StrongerTogether #PrayingForAmerica #SmallBusiness #COVID19 #StayStrong #WeWillTravelAgain

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