Keychain with box on world map background

Collect your travel memories!

Collect an engraved ring for every continent, country, state and national park you have visited.

If you’ve followed me for years you know I’m a travel addict.  I also love jewelry that represents what I love.  Vagabond Life does a beautiful job offering jewelry that brings back memories of all those travel adventures you’ve had; memories that are etched in your mind forever! I highly recommend giving their brand a look over.

Vagabond Life is a unique jewelry brand for travel lovers! They have created some very unique products for people who are passionate about traveling the world while being environmentally conscious. Their travel keepsake clips, engraved country & state rings and wanderlust jewelry are definitely one of the best gifts for travel addicts.

How it works

1 – Choose your travel rings

Collect an engraved ring for every country and state you’ve visited.

2 – Choose your ring holder

Choose between a necklace or a keychain to carry your travel memories with you.

3 – Continue your collection

Easily add more travel rings to your keychain or necklace as you travel to more places.

Keychain  on world map background

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