There are always so many miles/points credit car offers available.  Sometimes, it’s hard to know which cards you can best use for your purposes.  To help you decide what cards might best meet your needs and earning strategies, here is a review of just a few really good offers currently available.

This offer is worth a lot because of the value of Membership Rewards Points. You can do so much with these points.  Here is what you can do with your 50,000 bonus points.
  • Book travel (airfare, hotel, car, rail)
  • Book travel packages, cruises, etc.
  • Gift Cards for shopping, dining, entertainment, movies, home decor, etc.
  • Shop with points @
  • Shop with points @
  • Use points to pay for everyday charge.  Eligible charges include: gas, groceries, cell phone, cable, Internet, office supplies, restaurants, coffee shops.
So many ways to use Membership Rewards the possibilities are endless.  I love AMEX program because they are so flexible.  This is the highest value to me.  The only thing I don’t think it’s great for is cash back but if you are looking for that there are other cards for that purpose like the Chase Ink Bold by Chase discussed next.  The only negative on this card is the minimum spend of $10,000 which is really high and unreachable for some.  For others it may be feasible.  Check out my Ways To Meet Minimum Spends page for help.

This card is a sweet deal and can yield you a nice $500 check if you like or you can use your points in many other ways similar to AMEX Membership Rewards program. The Ultimate Rewards program by Chase is very similar but I think the Ultimate Rewards program beats out Membership rewards with their cash back feature. I just recently cashed out 103,000 points and order a cash back check. My check was $1,030. I am currently saving this money in a high interest yield savings account until I need it for our family’s European vacation in 2013. My plan is to build up a cash reserve to pay for expenses like train/ferry costs that can’t be paid for with miles or points. So far this is one expense of travel that I can’t seem to find a way with points or miles to pay. At least not in Europe. I know you can pay for Amtrak here but that’s all I’m aware of. If anyone has any tips, I’d love to hear from you.

This a great offer because the minimum spend is only $500 which is very easy & quick to meet and the annual fee is waived for the first year. Great deal for a quick free domestic ticket or to top off your account for another award. Being able to check your bag free is also a money saver as I believe they card $50 per bag. Would not recommend this as a long term card though because it really doesn’t have much flexibility in usage and the annual fee is $95.

I would highly recommend this card. Starwood points are very valuable. High end nice resorts all over the world. Being able to transfer your points into miles is a great plus too. The extra 5,000 point bonus when you transfer really puts the icing on the cake. You can transfer your points to I think almost any airlines. The transfer rate for most every airlines is 1:1 except Continental 2:1, United 2:1, Air New Zealand 65:1, Lan Lanpass 1:2 and no transfer for Iberia Plus & El Al Israel Airlines. So 20,000 points ends up being 25,000 miles to the airline you choose. The annual fee is waived for the first year and very reasonable to continue. I keep this one in my wallet and use it regularly. Just recently got the business version for some more miles but I will cancel that one at the end of the year. I also think the best use of Starwood points for accommodations is the cash & points.  You can spread your points very far and stay at high end resorts for a fraction of the regular cost.  See their award chart & cash & points chart below and compare the difference.

This is just a straight forward simply cash back deal. An easy $500 minimum spend yields you $200 cash back. No annual fee card. Nice 5% cash back bonus for the holiday time. Then another 5% quarter bonus for your everyday spending.

This an okay offer for United’s New Mileage Plus Explorer card. If you need United miles bad right now I’d go for it. Otherwise, I’d wait because the rumor is Chase is going to be bring out a 60,000 point offer soon maybe even this month. If they do, you can be sure I’ll be breaking that news to you as soon as it hits the web.

This will soon be an extinct card and I can’t believe they are still offering it. If you need United/Continental miles and don’t have this card, you should grab these miles. 25,000 after you buy your pack of gum. Another 5,000 miles for adding the hubby. There is your easy 30,000 miles. No annual fee! Most people probably won’t go for the extra 10,000 miles because you have to spend $25,000 in the year to get it. Free checked bag and two Presidential Club passes is a nice bonus too! Decent offer – not huge but easy deal!

This card from Southwest offers 50,000 points and can be very valuable if you use these points wisely and on the right flights. These 50,000 points can be used for 8 round trip Wanna Get Away flights which are 6,000 points valued at $800. Excellent return for the $69 annual fee (not waived). No minimum purchase – buy a pack of gum and watch your points post! Your bags are free – nice bonus and
more money saved.  This is simply a SWEET DEAL! Not FREE travel but darn close!

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