Three Places to Consider When Taking a Celtic Vacation

Conwy Castle, Wales - United Kingdom

There are many different types of vacations to take. You can take a beach vacation, a wilderness camping vacation or even a skiing vacation. You can also take a Celtic vacation. It’s an opportunity to explore nations with an ancient past, strong traditions, vibrant folklore and landscapes that are often beautiful beyond imagination.

There are more than a handful of potential areas to visit when considering a Celtic vacation. Let’s take a quick look at the strong points of each three popular Celtic nations.


Ireland is one of the most popular Celtic nations. It is a culture that is rich with folklore. When visiting Ireland, travelers are exposed to a wide variety of options. Fine dining and culture in Dublin makes way for ancient ruins like the Uragh Stone Circle, a Neolithic stone circle in Gleninchaquin Park, County Kerry. Cork County hosts fine festivals and the lighthouses around the country’s rugged shore are a delight. From castles to leprechauns, there’s something for everyone in Ireland.


Wales is part of the United Kingdom and the isle of Great Britain. It’s a mountainous country that’s embraced by a rugged shoreline with the Celtic Sea and the Irish Sea bordering it. There are three national parks in this small country, making it a nature lover’s delight. Visitors can enjoy the urban delights of Cardiff and Swansea and then partake in the beauty of this Celtic country.


This area is found on the northwest peninsula of continental Europe in northwest France. It’s bordered by the English Channel, The Celtic Sea and the Bay of Biscay. Visitors can enjoy ancient French architecture and prehistoric remnants like the Carnac Stones. These stones were erected around 3300 BC and contain more than 3000 standing stones it’s the largest collection in the world. This small nation is also home to lighthouses, a strong maritime culture and an area with unusual pink granite around the city of Trgastel.

There are common attractions in many Celtic nations including lighthouses, rugged coastlines, a strong maritime culture and ancient castles and artifacts. Some have their own currency and government, which means it pays to do your research before you go.

With so much to do and see in any Celtic nation, a well-planned itinerary is a must. If you enjoy nature and adventure, Wales may be the ideal location for your next trip. If you have a strong appreciation for culture, architecture, and ancient runs then consider Ireland or Brittany. The good news is that there’s no wrong choice. All three places promise a wonderful visit.

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