Well, if you haven’t heard yet Chase’s Ultimate Rewards program is the bomb!  Everyone who collects miles and points just loves it.  Chase really attracted some big attention by us miles & point hounds last year when they came out with the Chase Sapphire Preferred.  They offered a 100,000 sign up bonus (targeted offer which many people, myself included, got in on).  We all started using our cards and checking out the program.  I’ve written many articles about my love for this program and why.  You can read my latest here.
So if you are like me and you’re hooked now on earning big miles in your Ultimate Rewards program then I have a plan for you.  To really fully maximize your potential earnings you need all the tools.  Here are the tools you need in your tool belt.
2.  A Chase Freedom card
3.  A Chase checking account
($200 Cash bonus available – read more on this blog).  
*Yes, they want your loyalty but they’ll reward you for it.
These three products work together marvelously to create what I call the Ultimate Rewards Earning Machine.
40,000 bonus points (after $3,000 min. spend in the first 3 months) $625 in travel
2 points on travel & dining purchases
1 point on everything else
No foreign transaction fees (Awesome travel card)
No annual fee for first year ($95 thereafter)
The Chase Freedom gives you:
200 Cash Back Bonus – 20,000 points (after   in your first 3 months)
5% Cash Back in Bonus Categories each quarter (up to $1,500)
1% Cash Back on all purchases (Unlimited)
10% Cash Back for online shopping with Chase
No annual fee
*2012 quarter bonus examples:
January – March: Gas Stations &
April -June: Grocery stores & Movie Theaters
July – September: Gas Stations & Restaurants
October – December: Hotels, Airlines, Best Buy, Kohl’s
Okay, so here is where these two cards combine for more earning power.  If you have the Chase Freedom alone, you can only earn cash back.  You receive points and those points can only be redeemed  for cash.  But if you have a Chase Sapphire Preferred card as well and therefore automatically have a Ultimate Rewards account, you can transfer those Chase Freedom points earned to your Ultimate Rewards account and redeem them in endless ways.  Read more about the program in this post or check out their demo site here.
Now to complete the assembly of your “Ultimate Rewards Earning Machine”, you need to have a Chase checking account link to these accounts.  If you are also a Chase checking account holder, you will receive the following “exclusive” bonuses on your Chase Freedom card.
10% extra points on every $1 you spend
Plus 10 bonus points on every purchase
Here is an earning example (from Chase):
16 purchases.  Total spend $400 in a month
400 points – standard $1/1 point Freedom reward
40 points: 10% bonus points
160 points: 10 points per transaction (16 transactions)
Total Earnings: 600 points for a $400 spend
So if you are following me, you can really start racking up the Ultimate Rewards points when you put the “Ultimate Rewards Earning Machine” to work for you.  Here is what you do.  Have all three products, Chase Sapphire, Chase Freedom & a Chase Checking account.  Use your Chase Freedom for all spending in the “bonus categories” every quarter.  Then use Chase Sapphire for everything else and international travel for use (no foreign transactions fees).
Here is a break down of how huge your earnings would be just from that.
$1,500 (max spend) in bonus categories (every quarter)
$1,500 x 4 quarters = $6,000 annual spend
Points Earned
5% bonus: 5 points x $,6000 spend = 30,000 points WOW!!
10% checking bonus on points earned: 3,000 points
10 points per transaction: 80 x 10= 800 points
How about that!  Are you seeing the vision?  Easy annual spend and huge points return.  Remember the Chase Freedom is a no annual fee card too!
So, get yourself hooked up with this “Ultimate Rewards Earning Machine” and earn away!

Chase Sapphire℠ Preferred Card
Chase Freedom® Visa – $200 Bonus Cash Back
Chase Freedom® MasterCard – $200 Bonus Cash Back


  1. Here is what I have found since starting the CC for miles/points a year ago next month. Between the wife and I, we have built up to 1,500,000 points/miles. That said, we have tried to get the current CC's with the highest bonus. I have found with the time frame of meeting the min. spending and then having to move to the next CC. Well you might say, trying to get to many CC's at a time? I then think about the offers that I have seen come and go with HIGH bonus that I would have missed but understand we started with zero points/miles. So we struggle with using a "one card" for our every day needs at this time. Just my thoughts.

  2. I totally hear you! I keep all my cards in my little desk drawer. I only carry two which I use for everyday expenses. Those are my Starwood Preferred card and the Chase Sapphire. Right now anyway! Those cards do change as my earning needs change. If you aren't using Amazon Payments to meet your min. spends I would recommend check out their program. It really helps out! More details on my "Ways to meet min. spends" page under Resources.

  3. as far as the last time i checked..the freedom card was offering 300$ cashback..or 30k points….just gotta go look around..i would look on slickdeals

  4. You are right! Found it! Here is a link for $300 Freedom cash back. Not sure if it's a direct lender or another affiliate – doesn't matter either way it works. go for the 30,000 points!!! Thanks bitachu!!

  5. Yes I/We use Amazon payments and Venmo. The wife, son and myself. Bust as you know with last years GREAT CC offers, we had to do alot of spending. In December we got, SPG ($5000.00 x2) Citi thank you ($2500.00 x2) Penfed (4650.00 x 1) only got $1000.00 left on one card and March will began again. Wife Chase sapphire, penfed, starwood business, Myself, starwood business, chase united (60,000 offer) Thanks again

  6. Sounds like you were busy like me. My husband says he never knows which card I'm using or what cards I have because they are always rotating! He doesn't play in this hobby with me. (Bummer!) Wish he would though. He will get a few cards now and then but doesn't really want to play serious. It's my thing! Boy, I just got my detail credit reports for this month and nobody checks Equifax. At least in CA! Crazy! I need to apply for cards that inquire with them. My scores are very high 790, 804, & 779 but inquires are high right now with Experian. I'm going to do some research on it.

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