TD Ameritrade

TD Ameritrade : $200 bonus 

Make 4 purchases with debit card and use online bill payment; Exp. – 3/31/12  
UPDATE: 4/19/12  Offer says it’s expired by links are still working.  Not sure if offer will still be honored. YMMV
   Offer code: OCSDBT100 & OCSBP100

NOTE:  You can transfer assets from another brokerage to meet the deposit requirement.  Call Ameritrade and they will send you a form to fill out and sign.  You can open a Fidelity account and receive a bonus for Delta, American or United miles and then transfer those funds to an Ameritrade account and receive a bonus.  You can also ask for miles for adding more assets to an existing account.  You can also deposit the maximum amount, wait for miles to hit, then call and request more miles if you deposit more funds.  Never hurts to ask!  YMMV


OFFER EXPIRES: April 25, 2012

TD Ameritrade will no longer be an American Airlines partner after that date. 



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