Have you ever wondered if you’ve throw away a great targeted credit card offer? Many people receive great sign up bonuses in the mail or email.  The banks are constantly targeting new, existing, and previous customers to lure them back into doing business with them.

I always suggest going through your mail thoroughly. Don’t just toss! Look through the junk because you might find a nice jem!

What can you do to encourage lenders to send you more targeted offers? Two things.

  1.  Sign up to receive marketing emails with any lender you have a relationship with. Opt in for email from all of the following relationships you have: lenders, airlines, hotel chains, etc.
  2. Set up your preference with all lenders to receive all email correspondence choices they have. Many targeted offers come through these emails.

You can also check online to see if you are targeted by a lender. Here is a list I’ve complied of several different lender that will allow you to check online for targeted credit card offers.  I will update and add to this list if I become aware of other lenders sites.

If you have an American Express account, you can check your pre-approved offers with the following sets:Log in to your account
Click on “Cards" on the top bar
Choose “Learn more about Charge & Credit Cards"
Click on “Pre-approved for you"
LINK: Log into your existing account

You can check for offers that you “might" be eligible for.  From my understanding of the terms & conditions describe on their site, they will probably be doing a soft pull on your credit.  It states that this inquire is not a “full credit card application" and will not be visible to any other lenders on your report.  So I believe this is one of those credit card pulls that appear on your report when you are “pre-approved" and do not solicit them to check your credit.  If you review your reports thoroughly you know what section I’m talking about.  It is usually at the very end of your report and indicates that these inquires are not viewable to any lenders but only you & the credit bureau.
LINK: https://letmechoose.barclaycard.co.uk/

You can check your  targeted offers from this Chase site
LINK:  https://www.chase.com/prequalified

I am not aware of a way to check for pre-approved offers on Citibank’s website.  You can check on this Citibank site if you are pre-qualified for credit cards.  You can also input an offer code you received.
LINK: https://www.citicards.com/cards/credit/application/flow.action?isInvitation=

Check for pre-approved offers by entering your name, last four numbers of social security and answering a basic credit question.  Note: Does not check your credit report
LINK: https://www.discover.com/credit-cards/resources/pre-approved-credit-cards/


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