Miles & Points as currency!  The future is bright miles and points collectors.  The sky is the limit to what we will be able to do with our miles and points in the very near future.  Complete freedom and flexibility is coming.  A great company named Swift Exchange is developing an program that will forever change the way we look at miles and points.

Curious to know more about Swift Exchange.  Read on!

How Swift Exchange Helps
Swift Exchange allows points and miles from multiple reward programs to be combined together into one spendable balance. Consumers are given a new way to pay merchants. “Cash, credit or Swift?”

A True win, win, win situation for all.
Consumers can manage their countless loyalty programs in one place; but more importantly, redemption is instant, easy and more valuable.  Merchants receive new ways to partner with one another and Swift Exchange introduces them to an entire world of new customers. What’s more, these customers are reached in fresher, more relevant ways.  Providers’ reward programs become more exciting and profitable as consumer engagement increases, liability decreases and full control is achieved.  

Why hasn’t this been done before?
The technology simply didn’t exist. Now, thanks to twenty-two issued patents – and twenty-five more pending – the whole system is now possible and fully protected. Of course our visionaries went way beyond just aggregation of points. Swift patents cover search technologies, bar codes, smart cards, gift cards, product liquidations, donations, TV rewards, and use of credit card networks. Finally, a seamless suite of secure applications has consumers, merchants and reward providers interacting in novel ways.

Because I’ve registered to help as a product/beta tester I received an informational email just recently about the launch of Swift Exchange.  I was so delighted to get this information.  Here is what it said about their launch time frame.

Good news, we just reached a major milestone. Recently, we showcased our groundbreaking rewards payment platform with a live demonstration of our online product and mobile commerce application in New York City. Our technology will be fully developed and ready to deploy in December of this year. At that time we will begin working with our reward provider and merchant partners to start integration with their systems. We expect to begin allowing consumers to use Swift in the first quarter of 2013 – giving you a whole new level of access and ways to use your reward programs.

Many people have asked about international use. While we will be launching in the United States initially, we intend Swift Exchange to be a global system without any geographic boundaries.

Product testing is currently underway in select markets throughout the United States. Many of you have shown interest in helping. We appreciate the enthusiasm and would love your input on a brief market survey.

Please click here to participate.

Anyone else excited about Swift Exchange besides me?  Have you heard about Swift Exchange?  What are your thoughts?  Love to hear them!


  1. Would love such a service….This would help in combining points from multiple rewards programs in attaining the redemptions !

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