4 thoughts on “SUNTRUST – 30,000 DELTA SKYMILES OFFER”

  1. Do you know how to set up a direct deposit with Suntrust? I own my own business, and therefore do the payroll for my few employees, so what qualifies as a direct deposit?

    1. The terms and conditions say a direct deposit over $100. “A qualifying Direct Deposit is a direct deposit of your salary, pension, Social Security or other regular monthly income of $100 or more per deposit electronically deposited to your account during statement cycle by your employer or an outside agency.” What system do you use to do payroll? I’ve read that Intuit http://payroll.intuit.com/payroll_services/direct_deposit/ is a good option. Haven’t done it myself. Worth taking a look at. I’ve also read that sending a payment through Paypal or ING Saving qualifies as a direct deposit. Haven’t tried but thinking I will.

  2. also, I forgot to mention that I did the suntrust deal on the last go round, with something like 160,000 (personal and business) can these deals be repeated? I have long since closed those accounts.

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