Sunday Travel Adventures – " Vancouver Family Escape"


Today’s featured travel writer is Dr. Cindy Maloney who writes PointsandtravelCombining points and travel to create extraordinary experiences for your family

Dr. Cindy Maloney is a long time world traveler who has visited 33 countries and still has a zest for more.  She was given advice some 18 years ago from a trainer she hired for her clinic that was similar to the medicine man from Bali in Eat, Pray, Love .  He gave her the advice that she wanted to hear. “If you are going to work this hard and so many hours, you will need to take a vacation every 6 weeks of your life, or you are going to get burned out.”  As so she did!    She focuses on trip reports that include value luxury ideals for families/couples, great places to go and things to do, plus smokin’ deals from airfare wars, to mistake airfares, to teaching you the points and miles games she plays. Her motto is “Stop being so destination specific; let the miles take you where they want to go!”

Vancouver, Canada:  An awesome place to visit!

There are so many things to do in this wonderful city with your kiddos.  Pack them up and take them to Canada for a fun and exciting adventure. 

Start your day at Grandville Island, arguably the most amazing market on the west coast.  It has everything you can imagine under one cover.  From the fresh seafood that comes in each day to the beautiful fruits and vegetables, to the restaurants.  You will enjoy browsing the isles for the tastiest treats.  There are lots of artist shops for Mom and Dad and many play areas for the kids when they need a break.  There is also a kid’s market and a water park!  The other fun thing for kids is getting there.  From Vancouver, there are hourly water taxis that can take you there each day.  Most people say they wish they had more time to explore this island, so plan your day accordingly.   

A must visit is also Stanly Park, where the kids can explore the Native Indian totem poles in the park and see the cool show the Beluga whales put on at the Vancouver Aquarium.   There, they have everything from rooms of cool jellyfish displays to otters, penguins, and, of course, the famous Beluga whales.   






While there, be sure to contact the most famous Vancouver resident artist:  Rogest, you will not be disappointed, with his dottie personality and his amazing skill with your kids, he will turn them into mini dot artists in no time!  I am telling you, this is one of the funniest experiences we have ever had.  We fell in love with Rogest!  He has the most loveable, zany personality you will ever meet.   Email or call him up and find out if he is in town, as he is a very busy artist, and see if you can visit his art studio and he will put on a show for your kids(and teach them to dot paint)! 

Don’t forget to take the kids to an opera or the symphony for a little bit of culture at the beautifully restored Orpheum Theater .   It will make you feel like you are in Europe.  Beautiful architecture and amazing shows are here.  The magnificent Orpheum is one of North America’s finest concert halls and is designated a National Heritage site.

And last, but not least…take the legendary Sea-to-Sky highway, as Vancouver is the gateway to amazing Whistler, Canada for a ski vacation!   Even if this is not a ski vacation for your family, drive the gorgeous scenic route for at least 45 minutes, and experience glimmering turquoise inlets, rainforests and cliffs.  We used Vancouver as our gateway to Whistler and we were not disappointed.  You won’t be either!


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