SUNDAY TRAVEL ADVENTURES – "Shaver Lake Weekend Getaway"

Shaver Lake Weekend Getaway

If you are looking to escape to a little mountain cabin to just relax and get into nature than Shaver Lake is the place for you.  Shaver Lake, located in central California, about 50 miles east of Fresno, located in the Sierra National Forest, in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.  Shaver Lake is a very popular destination for summer and winter family vacations especially for Northern Californians.

We enjoy Shaver Lake in the winter time.  Shaver has lots of great down hill and cross country skiing, snowboarding and plenty of great snow parks to play with the little ones.  We are still at the snow parks and haven't graduate yet to the slopes with our kids.  Although the older one is ready, the littlest ones is till enjoying sledding.  Rentals are readily available and skiing areas open up all winter.  China Peak Ski Resort is the main ski resort.

Our family loves to go every winter to Shaver Lake to relax and enjoy the snow.  Living on the Central Coast is incredible with our warm winters but it's refreshing to experience the snow.  Years ago before we had kids we discovered the most cozy B&B you could ever imagine, the Elliott House Bed & Breakfast.  We have been going back for the past 10 years.  Now we take the kiddos and they look forward to it every winter as well.

It might not look like a fancy cabin on the outside but it feels like coming home every time we visit.  Just imagine arriving late at night to Grandma's house.  She's gone to bed and left the lights on for you.  The fire is crackling; cookies & other yummy goodies are left out in the front room.  Coffee, hot chocolate and popcorn are ready for you!  The lights are on in your room upstairs.  She's even left mints on your pillows and the room temperature is perfect.  This is what it's like arriving at the Elliott House late on a snowy winter night!  Just dreamy!  You really feel like you've come home to Grandma's.

It's delightful arriving during the day time hours or early evening as well with Greg & Joanne Elliott there to greet you.  They make you feel like your friends come to stay for the weekend.  Not only that but they cook like no body's business.  I'll talk about that more in a minute.

Although we have never stayed during the summer time, the Elliott house would sure be a great summer retreat from hot sunny days at Shaver Lake

We settle into our favorite room, the Dogwood Suite.  It's a cozy little room upstairs in the main cabin.  The Elliott House has several rooms, and cabins available to choose from ranging from small suites like ours to entire cabins you can rent.  Check out this options here.  We are really growing out of this room but it is special to us since we have stayed in it before having kids.  I think our next visit we won't be able to cram in there anymore.

Shaver is a very fun weekend getaway for people in Northern California.  If you live farther away a longer stay would be better.  It's a perfect place to get away from the city and enjoy God's beautiful creation.  The clean crisp air in the morning is just wonderful.  But without the Elliott House it wouldn't be the same experience.  There little B&B really makes you feel like you are a home enjoying these beautiful surrounds.

Every afternoon, their wine and hor dorves is so nice.  It's quite the spread.  Most times, we don't even feel that we need dinner.  It's wonderful on a winter day after a day of snow to come home to your comfy little cabin.  Get your cozy warm slippers on and come down for a glass of wine and delicious food by the fireplace.

Then each morning you awake to the smell of some yummy breakfast cooking downstairs (if you are in the main house).  Not only do they provide a full continental spread (cereals, breads, fruit, yougrt, etc.), but they could a full course gourmet breakfast for you too!  Here is my breakfast on Sunday morning.  Carmel Apple Pear Pancakes, Sausage and

Joanne & Greg do a fabulous job running their B&B and have us hooked.  We meet several guests during our last stay that were also return guests like us.  Go figure!  Are experience is the norm!  So if you are looking for an escape to a beautiful mountain area to just relax and enjoy nature, consider Shaver Lake and the Elliott House Bed & Breakfast.  You will never be disappointed!  I wouldn't steer you wrong!







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