Sunday Travel Adventures -A candlelit night in Petra, Jordan

Petra Jordan

 A candlelit night in Petra, Jordan: A night I will never forget

 By Cacinda Maloney

Making our way down the long siq, deep into the night, I wondered how the event would unfold.  With each step, anticipation into this unknown world of rock walls and the famous “Treasury”.  I had waited years for this moment.  I had often heard of the mysteries of the trek by night, and now that night had arrived.  Winding and winding, I thought we would never reach it.  And then, just like that,  a glimpse peeked out of the rock walls.  There we stood, in awe of this holy place.   Hundreds of candles were lit, as they ushered us to our seats on the mats on the ground.  Stunned by the whole experience, I was the only one that knocked my candle over, and it caught on fire with the paper bag and suddenly went into smoke and flames.  Quickly I rushed to  put it out with the desert sand, but no one seemed to even notice, as everyone was so reverent in this stunning setting.  Embarrassed, yet no one seem to care, I sat in relief and then pondered how this place could have ever came to be and how it was that I was here.  They danced and sang for us, as others brought us hot tea and we sat there in silence.

It was a moment I will always remember.

While we waited,  we were told that they would shine a light on the Treasury, for all of us to get  a good look and to have our cameras ready,  “one, two, three”, they shouted.   And like a flash the Treasury was flooded with an outside light, but only for a moment.  You have to understand that they don’t have electricity here to shine a spotlight on it, and so it was as if it was a high beam from a generator, but only for a moment and then that moment was gone.  Etched, it will stay, forever in my mind,the night I got to see the Treasury of Petra for the first time.

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