Relaxing in the countryside town of Stratford Upon Avon

Stratford Upon Avon, England

Known primarily as the birthplace of Shakespeare, Stratford Upon Avon burst into the scene when tourists paying homage to the playwright started arriving in droves. The playwright is not just the only sight to see though; the lovely greens all over make it a nice place to relax in and maybe extend your stay in a historic manor nearby.

Best times to go:

Best time to go will be during spring, when the flowers are in bloom, it’s not so hot to hike outside yet, nor is it too cold to stay bundled up inside your hotel. You may get a bit more sunshine too, with longer hours. Spring time is also great to go because of the Stratford Upon Avon Literary festival, held between April – May. You can get to meet authors and attend various events.

Getting Around:

To get to Stratford, you can either rent a car and drive there or take the train. It’s got great connections to big cities within the UK such as London, Warwick and Birmingham. You may have to change trains, but take note of that before you buy tickets.

Within the area, the best way to get around is by foot or by bicycle. There are a few places where you can rent a bike, but the cheapest and most hassle free way is by foot. The town is small and compact enough for you to walk around and see all the sites. If you do try to drive around, know that parking can be very scarce in these areas.

Places to See:

If you only had a couple of hours in the city, these are the best of the best places to see (in our opinion). You’ll definitely have to see it for yourself.

Shakespeare’s Birthplace – If you’re a big Shakespeare fan, then you should definitely head to this house. Unknown if it really is the birthplace of Shakespeare, but it is confirmed that this was the home where that he spent most of his childhood years and grew up in. Volunteers dress up in period costumes, and you can also have a chance to stroll in the garden located in the middle of the compound. A lovely shop is onsite that gives you a chance to stock up on Shakespeare Souvenirs.

Anne Hathaway’s Cottage – different from the Anne Hathaway, the actress, this Anne Hathaway is a big part of Shakespeare’s life in which she becomes his wife! This house has of historic significance where their courtship happened, and has a lovely garden outside (romantic, isn’t it?)

The Royal Shakespeare Theater – Still haven’t got enough of Shakespeare? No? Well, might as well catch a play at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre. This theatre also offers tours of the area, a tower (which you can go up) to see a great view of the town, and a lovely rooftop restaurant.

Falstaff Experience – Located in a lovely Tudor house, this experience is apparently the most haunted building in the world. If you’re in for a different tour, then try their ghost tours leaving in the evening. If not, then why go inside Tudor World, a museum dedicated to the Tudor era (you know, notorious for Henry VIII and all his wives, and everyone seems to know this point of history).

What to Eat:

The food in Stratford upon Avon is the same as most of England, really: fish and chips, bangers & mash, and even the chicken tika masala. You do get have some awesome restaurants within the town, some of them are housed in historic buildings, and some have your typical fast food items.

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