SOLVANG, CALIFORNIA – "Girlfriends Weekend Getaway"

solvang-signThis weekend I’m getting away for a little Momma break with my girlfriend to Solvang, California.  I love the little danish town of Solvang.  It’s definitely worth a visit for those who’ve never been. 

Solvang if often called “Little Denmark” because of it’s very Danish old world architecture.  Solvang is one of five small towns in the Santa Ynez Valley and Santa Barbara Wine Country.  It’s 132 miles north of Los Angeles, just a few miles inland off the Highway 101.  MAP


If you are driving down the coast of California, I would highly recommend a stop in Solvang.  The cute little shops with their European architecture give Solvang quite the charm.  The Santa Ynez Valley is also well know for it’s excellent wineries.  A great place to do a little tasting.  

I’m fortune to live only 50 minutes from this little gem.  For me it’s a nice little weekend getaway where you can feel as though you’ve completely left home but you aren’t really that far away.


Since I couldn’t decide where to book us a room since Solvang is filled with so many quaint inns, hotels, and B&B’s, I just let TripAdvisor decide.  So we will be staying at the Hadsten House Inn & Spa which is the #1 recommended hotel in Solvang according to TripAdvisor.  Hadsten House Inn & Spa is one of Solvang’s newest luxury boutique hotels with spa services, restaurant, and even an in-door pool.  The in-door pool is big for us weather spoiled Californians since even some of the most luxuries hotels in California usually have the pool outdoor, unlike the east coast for example.  You know us Californians are freezing cold when it’s 50 degrees outside.  My family was so tickled by every hotel on the east coast we stayed in that had an in-door pool.  Totally luxurious for us!  😆

Anyway, I’m a big fan of TripAdvisor and use it regularly when picking hotels and accommodations all over the world.  I’m rarely steered wrong by the reviews.  I hope I’ll be pleased as well with this selection.


So if you are interested in Solvang, stay tuned this weekend for updates via Facebook & Twitter.  I’ll also be writing a review on my experience at the Hadsten House which I will post next week.

Have a great weekend and hope you’re having your own adventures!

Happy Travels!

2 thoughts on “SOLVANG, CALIFORNIA – "Girlfriends Weekend Getaway"”

  1. Hi
    Just noticed your info while checking out Solvang. mY WIFE & I are from Scotland and we are visiting California in Sept staying in San Francisco at first and travelling doen Highway 1 to Santa Barbara. We hope to visit Solvang even for a few hours. It looks really nice, can’t wait!

    1. @Vincent – So cool! Let me know if you need any suggestions or help in your trip planning. You’ll love it! We just came home from some time in your country in April. We loved Scotland. Spent the month visiting England, Scotland, Wales & Ireland. It was dreamy! I’ll be writing some reviews this summer and posting more pics. Seriously, let me know if you need any advice or tips! You’ll love Highway 1. It’s like our Cliff of Moher but warm! 🙂

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