Sights to See in Wales

Conwy Castle, Conwy Wales

There aren’t too many countries where you can ride a Ferris wheel right next to an ancient castle. Yet, Wales offers this unique experience and many more. Wales is one of the six Celtic nations meaning that some residents still speak the ancient language of the Celtic tribes.

Like many Celtic nations Wales has a rugged coastline, as well as ancient architecture and artifacts that just can’t be missed. Couple the traditions of the old with the new modern conveniences and you have the making of a dream vacation. If you’re heading to Wales, the following are some sights not to be missed.

Conwy Castle

There are dozens of ancient castles to visit in Wales. However, Conwy is often at the top of the list. It’s a massive castle. It has two fortified gateways, eight towers and a long, central complex. You can see it rise above the landscape for miles. Constructed in 1283, this amazing castle is quite picturesque as well, as you can see the mountains of Snowdonia and the River Conwy beyond the castle gates. Visit Conwy Castle and you’ll immediately be transported back in time.

Conwy, Wales - Suspension Bridge

Snowdonia National Park

Nature lovers rejoice in Wales. The Welsh countryside is vast and diverse. While the country has more than 100 lakes and 37 miles of coastline, it’s also home to 90 mountain peaks – including the tallest mountain in Wales, Mt Snowdon. Snowdonia National park is the largest national park in Wales and offers hiking, horseback riding, and white water rafting. If you’re looking for a break from the traditional sightseeing and castle wandering, consider a day or two in Snowdonia National Park.

St Fagans National History Museum

Celtic history is fascinating and there’s no better place to explore the history of these ancient tribes and the history of Wales than St Fagans. But this isn’t your typical history museum where visitors walk by display after display of artifacts behind glass. No, St Fagans highlights historic buildings from all over the country. More than 40 buildings have been dismantled and re-erected.

The buildings include farmhouses, watermills, chapels and a school. Visitors can also view circular Celtic houses based on the archaeological remains of actual buildings. The grounds are beautiful and not to be missed. You’ll find livestock grazing adjacent to formal gardens.

Finally, don’t leave Wales without experiencing a Rugby tournament at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff. You can take a tour of the stadium before the game and then enjoy this popular sport in the third largest stadium in Britain.

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