Seward and the Kenai Fjords National Park

Kenai Fjords National Park

Seward and Kenai Fjords National Park, Alaska
What a visit! It’s an amazing thing to visit Seward and Kenai Fjords National park.  Seward is usually the coastal town about 125 miles south of Anchorage. It has unexpected mountain slopes covering shaggy green summer which are normally accompanied by snow impressive backdrop form. Seward’s economic base is provided through fishing, shipping as well as tourism. Cargos are moved to and from through the Alaska Railroad.
The great train journey normally follows the Scenic Turn again Arm towards the coastal community of Seward- Gateway to Kenai Fjord National Park.  The best time to visit is now, arrive in a great time where you can spend 8 hours in glacier and marine wildlife cruises.  You will find that the tour has several beautiful features like Aialik Bay with its massive calving tidewater glaciers, Orca whale which is usually within Resurrection Bay, Chiswell Island – with a great variety of nestling seabirds and a visit of the Steller Sea Lion refuge.
You can start with Anchorage for relaxation. You can take a two hour touring the city exploring the whole city by your own. Don’t miss walking along the coastal trail with a beautiful Cook Inlet view, shop on 4th Avenue, see all about the Alaska Native Heritage Museum or check out the massive salmon run down in Ship Creek.
On another day you can see the Anchorage – Seward | Kenai Fjords National Park which normally offers an outstanding Vista of fjords, mountains as well as glaciers following the Cook Inlet or Turnagain Arm.  Don’t forget a climb through coastal mountains towards the Moose Pass.  You can also make an effort of a full day cruise in the Kenai Fjord national Park as well as Chiswell islands National Wildlife refuge. Hosting the cruise is accompanied by a national Park ranger giving you full description as well as answering any of your questions. The place is full of wildlife as you explore the National park, not to mention the great tide water glaciers. Here you will be able to see huge Holgate Glacier where you can witness calving. Together with your kids you can take great photographs and you cruise can never be forgotten days to come!
The food in Seward and Kenai Fjords National Park, Alaska is of high quality and of many varieties.  You can get seafood & steak in a wood-paneled dining room overlooking the marina & mountains. Some hotels specializes in serving fresh seafood at the peak of the season which includes: –  jumbo king crab from Dutch Harbor, wild Copper River sockeye salmon, Gulf of Alaska halibut and scallops, and more. To highlight the seafood’s natural, ocean flavors, we create unique dishes from around the world. Not to mention, Mushrooms, capers, lemon butter, white wine sauce, ciliantro-lime rice, seasonal vegetables for affordable prices.
Transport is never a problem; you can either use air, bus, rail or cruise ships. Currently you will find that there are no scheduled air services which can commute from anchorage to Seward but Charter flights may be available which need a booking. Buses are available all through, rail are available on summer months which are May –September. Cruises are accessible on summers. Plan to visit and you will be amazed of all these excellent things!

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