Most of the airline companies offer frequent flyer programs that allow you to accumulate miles and redeem rewards. It is great to earn enough miles to suffice your frequent trips.  But you certainly do not have to wait for the miles to build up before these can be used to reap the benefits. You can also sell, buy, and even transfer flyer miles to get a deal you want.

The risk of selling miles and points can be daunting; I do not recommend frequent flyers to do so unless you need the cash really bad.  The cash value you will receive is definitely not the best value or your miles or points.  But I also understand that sometimes we all just need hard cold cash money.

Airlines definitely don’t like their customers selling miles. There are rules that govern this and I’m not sure how these companies work around them but they do.  When selling your miles through brokers, it is crucial to give your contact information. The broker will ask you about the number of miles you want to sell. It is vital to indicate the airline name, expiration date, asking price per mile. After they receive that information, the buyer will give you a cash price offer.  Once you accept the deal, they usually send payment and miles/points are transferred to them.

Also, selling the miles and points to your family members or even friends is possible. That works exactly like money transfer, but you will get gifts, money, or free labor for the miles. Such a method will not flag your account, but there’s definitely other risk involved.

But if you need cash and would absolutely want to sell your miles, here are some companies who will buy them from you.


CashforMyMiles has the largest network of mileage brokers and ticketing agents. The website offers cash in exchange of miles and is quite navigation friendly. They have been providing money to clients readily once the deal is made between the buying and selling parties. Here’s where you should head to proclaim the feature and take advantage of mile sales. Visit Site

Flip My Miles

Flip My Miles cash unused reward points in a secure manner. The company is one of industry’s leading buyers of airline miles and reward points! They will enable you to trade those miles and earn cash instead of expensing in your credit cards rewards program. If you’re hard for some top cash, then selling reward miles to the service will be effective. Get more such attractive facilities at https://flipmymiles.com/.

Cash 4 Miles

Cash your frequent flyer miles from Cash 4 Miles that pays you top dollars on all Amex reward points and Starwood SPG points. The company has been in the industry since 2004 and claims of having the largest network of mileage brokers and ticketing agents. Visit http://miles4cash.com/ to avail benefits of this exclusive service.

Sell My Rewards

Sell My Rewards is a leading points and airline miles buyer for highly competitive prices that benefit the seller. The service is one of the most secure mileage brokers in business. They provide same day instant payments. Just visit their website, https://sellmyrewards.com/ to know more.

Sell Miles Now

At Sell Miles, trade your miles for cash instead of waiting to redeem your miles for the next flight. If you require cash immediately, the Sell Miles Now www.sellmilesnow.com/‎ enables you to get the best cash for reward miles sale in your account.

Frequent flyer miles are powerful sources that can not only be redeemed for discounted flights or even free travel, but can also be used effectively for hotel bookings, car rentals, restaurants and stores. But if the miles you’ve earned aren’t enough and you’re sitting on balances that you can never use, then you might consider trading them in for some cash. These are the services that connect mileage holders with buyers. The buyer has to mention the money that they want to trade for each mile. Once the deal is finalized, the seller (with flyer miles) can get them initiated to the buyer, who then deposits cash or writes a check in exchange.


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