As many of you know, I will be heading off to the United Kingdom for the month of April with my family.  We will be visiting England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland.  With only a few days left before I leave, I’m writing this post for you all to read while I’m abroad.  

I wanted to make you aware of a new service I recently discovered called Feecation. offers it’s subscribers reimbursement for travel fees associated with traveling like airline baggage fees, hotel resort fees, car rental fees (Families – car seats, booster seats), parking fees, etc.  They charge a monthly $16.97 for this service which works out to $203.64 a year.  So depending upon how much you travel a year and how many fees you think you’ll incur in each trip their service could really save you some cash.  The best part is they have a 30 day Free Trial to check out their service.

One of my featured writers, Cindy Mahoney who writes tip me off to this service and encouraged me to try it out on my trip.  After doing a quick review of their site, I decided I had nothing to lose with their 30 day Free Trial.  I’ll be gone a month so, why not!  I keep all my receipts anyway.

Here is all the travel costs Feecation will reimburse:


Air related fees:

Air related fees include fees incurred when booking a flight, at the airport and/or in flight. This does not include Government fees or taxes. covers up to $500 per yearly subscription, and $10 per instance for Air associated fees.

$10 per instance for the following Incremental Airline Fees

  • Checked bags
  • Overweight bags
  • Seat upgrade
  • Extra leg room
  • Early check-in
  • Early/priority boarding
  • TV in-flight
  • Ticket change
  • Cancelation
  • In-flight meals
  • Convenience
  • Blanket/Pillow

Hotel related fees:

Hotel related fees include fees incurred when booking your accommodations, during your check-in or check-out process or over the duration of your hotel stay. This does not include Government fees or taxes. covers up to $250 per yearly subscription, and $10 per instance in hotel associated fees.

$10 per instance for the following Incremental Hotel fees

  • Booking
  • Resort
  • Use of fitness center
  • Early check-in
  • Early check-out
  • Late cancelation
  • Baggage holding (bellhop)
  • Parking
  • Convenience

Car related fees:

Car related fees include fees incurred when booking your car rental and/or during your pick-up or drop –off process. covers up to a total of $250 per yearly subscription, and $10 per instance in car associated fees.

$10 per instance for the following Incremental Car Rental fees

  • Late cancelation
  • Airport concession
  • GPS
  • Drop off (returning car to different location)
  • Additional driver
  • Equipment rental (ski rack, car seat, etc.)
  • Early return
  • Convenience

Wi-Fi related fees:

Wi-Fi related fees include fees for Wi-Fi services incurred at any point in your trip, from the airport, to in-air, to your hotel, and anywhere else you happen to need to pay for access. This does not include residential internet charges. covers up to a total of $250 per yearly subscription, and $10 per instance in Wi-Fi associated fees.

$10 per instance for the following pay-for Wi-Fi services (Up to $250 per membership year)

  • Airport
  • In-air
  • Hotel
  • Restaurants
  • Conference centers
  • Rest areas



Subscription Details:

As a subscriber, you can take advantage of our Cash Back rebate program and save on certain travel-related fees every time you travel. Cash Back Rebates can only be claimed for Eligible Fees (listed below under Subscription Benefits) charged while your subscription is active, unless specifically stated otherwise.

In order to receive rebates on Eligible Fees, you MUST provide Acceptable Documentation (described below) for each fee. For your convenience, every rebate you enter in our system is tracked, and can be viewed by clicking the “My Rebates” link. Backup documentation must come from the travel provider who charged you (i.e. Airline, Hotel, Car Rental or Wi-Fi provider/ company.)

Acceptable Documentation:

The order confirmation and/or original sales receipt for the Eligible Fee that you incurred. The sales date must be provided for each rebate submitted. If you would like to claim rebates for multiple fees incurred during the same trip, an itemized receipt or order confirmation for each Eligible Fee is required.

Charges incurred during international travel are eligible for reimbursement; however, itemized receipts or order confirmations must be for U.S. Dollars. We are not currently able to convert or reimburse for expenses incurred in foreign currency.

Fee categories and fee types covered under your subscription can be found below under Subscription Benefits.

Ineligible fees:

Taxes, government fees and other surcharges that are considered unavoidable to any traveler, and are not covered by your subscription.

Rebate Instructions:

Complete the rebate form at and email your documentation to us at Mail-in proof of payments will also be accepted. See our “Contact Us” form for address information. Please keep all copies of your documentation.

Rebate Conditions:

One subscription per household. Claims must be made (and documentation received) within 30 days of the date of fee charge. Up to $10 can be claimed per instance; $500 maximum per yearly subscription for Air related fees; $250 maximum per yearly subscription for Hotel, Car and Wi-Fi related fees. Fees must have been charged while you were an active subscriber. All rebate requests are subject to verification. Lost, late, illegible, incorrect or postage-due claims will not be honored and may not be returned. You are solely responsible for the truthfulness and accuracy of any rebates requested. No duplicate requests will be honored. We reserve the right, in our sole discretion to reject any rebate request.

You will receive your rebate as soon as possible, but please allow 3 to 6 weeks from the time we receive your Acceptable Documentation for processing.


So, I’m going to give it a go!  As you can see from the “Terms of Service” above, the only issue I might run into is any fees that will be charged in a foreign currency will not be reimbursable.  I will ask though if I can have a receipt in US currency.  Doubt I will get it though.  I am specifically thinking of our baggage fees flying on Ryan Air from Scotland to Ireland.  Well, at any rate, I think I will save some cash and it will be interesting to see how much.  I will for sure report back on my experience with this service, the processing and how quickly I receive my rebate.  If you have a trip coming up soon, I would suggest trying it out too.  You don’t have anything to loose with the 30 day Free Trial.  Easy enough to cancel before the thirty days is up to avoid any fees.  

Have you tried Feecation?  Please leave a comment and share your experience.


  1. wow. Sounds like it has potential. Question: lets say i fly Southwest with 2 other family members, We all pay the $10 early seat reservation. Do we get $30 back?

    1. @lori – Like I said, I am new to this membership. From reading the terms I do believe that you can only claim $10 per instance not per person. Even if you had separate reservation, you would have to have separate memberships and it says that you are only allowed 1 membership per household. See this page:

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