Relaxing on Catalina Island

Zip Lining, Catalina Island

Catalina Island
“Island Time” is what separates Santa Catalina Island apart from other destinations in California. It is in this island paradise that people can experience that sense of serenity and forget about time.
It’s the beautiful shorelines with its gentle breeze and soothing waves that do the tricks of lulling you into a world of timelessness. Therefore, if you need a vacation where you can live life at your own pace, Catalina Island is the best place to go.
You can find Catalina off the coast of Southern California. Fortunately, the island has a generally Mediterranean climate, which makes it accessible to visitors anytime year round; however, summer serves as the peak season and the most convenient time to really get a taste of the fabled “Island Time.” It is also during the summer months that most of the island’s outdoor activities are in full blast because of the fine weather.
Catalina, also known as the Island of Romance, also provides a natural dreamy atmosphere. You can easily feel its charm the moment you step into the island. For lovers looking for a passionate getaway, the vast ocean and picturesque Mediterranean surroundings of the island are simply hard to resist. The intimate view of the sea and the harbors is such a beauty especially at night—a perfect backdrop for candlelit dinner dates for two. Of course, a massage by the sea is an island norm and a great add-on to more romantic moments together. The island’s main town, Avalon, in particular, is a favorite pick for wedding locations as well as honeymoon escape.
Not only that. The island offers a huge variety of cozy and luxurious accommodations. Whether you prefer a fully furnished condo, an oceanfront hotel, simple yet elegant bed and breakfast, a sweet little cottage, or a lovely villa on a hill, whatever suits your taste, Catalina never runs short of great deals and packages for all its guests.
Count on the island’s unique allures and fun adventures that are just perfect for your family, too. You and the kids will surely enjoy exploring the island’s natural richness. Boating, hiking, biking, miniature golf, fishing, snorkeling, picnicking, and comfort camping are just a few of the wide selection of land and water adventures.
Don’t miss to try Catalina’s one of a kind zip lining from the mountain to the sea called Zip Line Eco Tour! Discover some more amazing voyages like the Catalina Sea Trek Eco Tour, which allows you to walk on the bottom of the sea and be surrounded by marine life. Not to mention the Glass Bottom Voyage, Dolphin Quest, Undersea Expedition, Sundown Isthmus Cruise, and a lot more.
The entire island of Catalina, consisting of two towns Avalon and Two Harbors, also holds great choices of the best bars and restaurants that can satisfy your cravings. Have the time of your life relishing their sumptuous offerings and delicious meals at the beachfront and then you may linger on to see Catalina’s vibrant beach parties and nightlife. Fun after dark in such a charming island is like no other.
You’ve got enough reasons to spend your next holiday in Catalina! From the ports of San Pedro, Long Beach, Dana Point and Newport Beach, you can go to this enchanting destination by air or water. About an hour by boat or 15 minutes by helicopter, and you are stepping into a Mediterranean paradise. A trolley, a shuttle bus or a taxi can take you to your destinations although renting the popular golf carts or bicycles can be really exciting. You may even go on foot on a small village like Avalon.
Relaxing, fascinating and enthusing are words that best describe Santa Catalina Island. Going on a family trip, a corporate gathering, or any special celebration soon? Catalina has all the comfort that will make your visit one to remember

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