Relaxing in Sleepy Half Moon Bay

Half Moon Bay, California - Case Family

Are you up for a coastal retreat that’s perfectly blasé? San Francisco’s Half Moon Bay is the place for you.  We headed their to relax a little while after the birth of my second son.  I need a getaway to just chill and Half Moon Bay fits that bill!
Quiet, pleasant and striking, Half Moon Bay offers a wonderful environment for travelers who wish to unwind and be away from the bustling city life. Just less than an hour drive from San Francisco, this coastal destination has got the ideal comfort that suits every budget and taste.
Half Moon Bay showcases Northern California’s lavish natural attractions. Nothing really beats the heavenly beauty coming from those exotic blue waters and greeneries—a picture-perfect milieu while you are soaking yourself in the sun or having a leisurely stroll along its rock-strewn beaches.
The spring and fall owns Half Moon Bay’s best weather so be sure you’ve got everything ready during those seasons so you will enjoy what the city has to offer.
As its name suggests, Half Moon Bay is crescent-shaped. Dating back to its history, the city of Half Moon Bay was originally an agricultural town and still is at present. It is also known for its abundance in redwood forests as well as flowers. To know more about its floriculture business, don’t forget to stop by Alena Jean.
Indeed, the town’s natural treasures are unquestionable, the reason it has become a favorite spot for family hideaways and outdoor adventures. The Fitzgerald Marine Reserve, for one, serves as the best choice if you are up for tide pooling. The young ones are going to love it, too! What is also great about Half Moon Bay is its long array of beaches and state parks dominated by the historic redwood giants and floras. Those who love the outdoors therefore have a wide selection of where to go and what to do.
If you are looking for some great hike, explore the Coastside Trail or Pescadero Creek Park. And of course, the Sea Horse Ranch is a must-see especially for the little ones! Letting the kids explore the beautiful white sand beaches on horseback is something they will not soon forget.
There are plenty of recreational activities that can be done in Half Moon Bay. Bird watching, golfing, surfing, and trailing are just some of them. Also, Half Moon Bay is home to many working farms that boast of the city’s fresh native produce. But, have you heard of Christmas farms like Santa’s Tree Farm and Village in Half Moon Bay? How about Lemos Farm? These places are simply awesome! They are the best sites where the whole family can relish the wonders of the holiday seasons. You can find various types of Christmas trees and fun holiday events in these farms. Choosing and cutting down your chosen tree is the most exciting part.
Lemos Farm also has specialized offerings for the kids such as the all-time favorites Pony Rides and Train Rides. Aside from being a Chistmas wonderland, Lemos Farm can also transform into a nightmarish zone during the Halloween. The famous Pumpkin Festival, which occurs in October, is one of its must-see events.
Any foodie out there can easily approve of Half Moon Bay’s best eats. Among these are the amazing breakfast restaurants the city has been known for. From eggs, pancakes, and French toasts down to breakfast pizza and burritos, the food establishments have something special to provide for a delectable meal.
Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay is one of the best lodges to stay. Besides being the most recommended accommodation especially for families, the hotel is also popular for its several food and wine events.
The opportunity to take a breather in Half Moon Bay is one that shouldn’t be missed. With its calm weather year round, you can access Half Moon Bay by your own means via I-280 and Highway 92 West.
Half Moon Bay—a fascinating seaside destination—is where you can find a peaceful respite made possible through its historic, friendly and nature-filled ambience.

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