Hey Readers!  It looks like Radisson is still giving away 50,000 points for their One Night Giveaway.  You only have to stay one night at a Radisson or Radisson Blue hotel before December 30, 2011 to receive the 50,000 bonus points.
Normally, I would not post a promo like this because it requires traveling to earn the points.  In this case, this is such a great offer I wanted to make you aware in case you might be traveling over the holiday season and you could just change your hotel stay to the Radisson to score these points.
Now what you are probably wondering is what will 50,000 Radisson points get me?  I haven’t collected Radisson points really in the past but I’ve been doing some research since this promo hit.  These points in my opinion are very valuable for international travel where your dollar is weak and the cost to stay is expensive.  For example, you can stay in Weimar, Germany for 9,000 points which is a lovely city I just visited last year.  Or how about St. Petersurg, Russia, or  Beijing, China, just to name a few international places for 9,000 points.  There are also several locations in Eqypt, India, UK and more.  So here is the free night award chart.  Check the list for yourself.
So as you can see free nights start at 9,000 points.   You can really stretch these points depending upon where you choose to stay.  Here are some examples for you.
Category 1 =  5 nights (45,000) 5,000 pts remaining
Category 2 = 3 nights (45,000) 5,000 pts remaining
Category 3 = 1 night (28,000) 22,000 pts remaining
Category 4 = 1 night (38,000) 12,000 pts remaining
Category 5 = 1 night (44,000)  6,000 pts remaining
This gives you an idea of how many nights you could squeeze out of promo.  5 nights is a sweet deal if you find a place you want to go in Category 1.  If not you can mix and match a few night at different categories to stretch these points.  You could stay 3 nights at Category 1 (27,000) and then 1 night at Category 2 (15,000).  You would then have 8,000 points left over and actually to think of it you’ll probably have 9,000 if you are smart and you booked your original 1 night stay to earn the bonus online. If you book your stay online, you always receive 1,000 points.  So don’t forget to do this and you’ll have yourself another 1 night Category 1 stay.
Well, there are many ways you can juggle these points around to stretch them.  Just some easy math will work it out.  So now that you can see the value, why don’t you check out the different category hotels and see if there is somewhere you’d like to stay.  If you remotely even think you might want to do this promo, just register because it will change to a 15,000 bonus point offer once 50,000 people have signed up. For more details on registering, read my post here to earn an additional 4,500 bonus points.

One more thing, if you don’t have any up coming stays in December you could do a phantom stay.  A phantom stay is where you book the room, pay for it in advance but don’t actually use the room to stay in.  This might make sense for you depending upon where you want to use these points.  If they stretch to 5 nights somewhere or somewhere else really expensive to stay, the cost of the phantom stay might really be worth it.  If you are interested in something like this, check out this thread on Flyertalk.  

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