Priority Club has updated their Points Break list.  ;Points Break award nights are only 5,000 points which is an incredible deal especially for international travel where the U.S. dollar is weak.  If you can find a destination that you like on this list, it’s a great way to stretch your points to the max!  If you do find a destination you like, be sure to book it right away as these destinations drop off the list quickly.  Just to let you know that with Priority Club points your points are immediately deducted from your account when you make your reservation.  Also, if you cancel your reservation within the cancellation time frame your points are immediately posted back to your account.  This has been my experience.  This is a great feature because you can just book the reservation and figure out if it works with your flights schedule, etc. later and not miss an opportunity because the hotel gets booked up and drops from the list.  When you cancel your points are right back in your account immediately.  No waiting!

View the list here

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