Priority Club just released their new PointsBreak list for hotels. Be sure to check this list to see if any hotels fit into your next travel adventure.  How about Fiji for 5,000 points per night?  Yes, it’s on the list again!  Fiji Golf Resort & Spa looks very nice for only 5,000 points.  There are always many great finds on this list.

If you aren’t familiar with the PointsBreak list, you definitely want to know about it.  The PointsBreak list is a list released quarterly by Priority Club of properties that can be booked for only 5,000 points for a night.  Normally Priority Club hotels can range from 10,000 to 50,000 points per night.  So this is a smoking deal if you find a property you like.  I found a great Crown Plaza in Connecticut last fall and booked it for our October adventure.  I had already booked a Holiday Inn for 15,000 points but canceled that and upgraded to a Crown Plaza for 5,000 points.  So I paid fewer points and upgraded to a high category hotel property.  How about that for a deal.  I’ve got a big trip coming up in April and I’m hoping they will release the next quarters’ list maybe with something nice we could use in the UK.  Remember the great thing with Priority Club points (and most all other hotel points) you can book and just cancel if you find something better in the future.  You aren’t locked in with change fees like airline miles.  So if you aren’t sure yet if you can make a trip work, just book the nights and figure the rest out later.  Whenever you cancel a Priority Club reservation your points are deposited back into your account immediately so you could re-book right away.

Priority Club is one of my favorite loyalty brand for affordable nights traveling with a family.  We usually stretch our points and stay at a Holiday Inn.  They are usually clean and a perfect crash pad with the kiddos. Most of the time I save the luxury stays for me and the hubby who appreciate all the added amenities and frills.  The kiddos could careless.  They love the pool and the buffet breakfast.  They especially love the waffle makers.  Those are always fun.  The breakfast isn’t grand but works with kids to get you off and going quickly in the morning without having to find a place for breakfast.


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