Found this Citibank offer today that offers 50,000 Thank You bonus points.  I previously posted about the 40,000 point offer last year.  If you want to read more about the details of this checking account bonus read this post.  The offer links still works and displays all the details.  It does say the offer expires 12/31/11.  Not sure if they will hold to this since the link is still available to sign up through.  Hmmm!!!
Click here for the offer link
See “Promotional Disclosures” on the top left for the promotional details that confirm the bonus points.  Be sure to print this for your records.  Keep good records just in case you need them if your bonus points don’t post.  Always, always print everything that pertains to the bonus miles/points offered and requirements to receive bonus.
You can combine this checking account offer with Citibank Premier Thank You card (50,000 bonus, $2,500 min. spend, no annual fee) and accumulate 100,000 Thank You points.  This is a great score if it still works!  1 credit card hit and no hit on your credit for the checking account.  A bit more work for the checking account though.  As I previously posted, you really have to babysit these Citi checking account offers.  They are a pain in the neck from my experience but if you need the points it’s worth the hand holding.  I think I’m finally going to take the plug with these two offers.  This card is on my list for my first quarter 2012 credit card apps.

*These are the best offers I am aware of on these two deals.  These are not my affiliate links but direct links from the lender.


  1. There have been comments on travel related web sites reporting that Citi issues IRS 1099-Misc forms for their checking account products, in the year in which the Thank You points were redeemed, if the value was over $600. So be sure to take this into account if your tax situation warrants it. Perhaps people could time their redemptions over two years so as to avoid the $600 limit.

  2. Yes, you are correct regarding the checking account offer and 1099's. I did a checking account offer last year for 20,000 AA miles and I DID NOT receive a 1099. I think I was under the Citibank cutoff to receive a 1099. With regard to the Citibank credit card products, there have been no reports of 1099's for credit cards, only checking accounts.

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