Well,if you are a serious mile and point collector you are looking for ways to earnmiles/points on every dollar you spend.  You never spend cash and alwaysuse a rewards credit or debit card.  You pay all your bills with yourcredit/debit card but what about that huge monthly expense, your mortgagepayment. Wish more lenders would wake up and start offering miles/point rewardsfor making mortgage payments.  They could even give an incentive of moremiles/points if you paid your payments early.  I could think of all kindsof great ideas!

But there are actually a few ways to work around this. They do require a bit oftime, energy and sometimes fees.  Maybe not something you want to do everymonth for the miles/points but maybe on occasion if you really need themiles/points to top off an account or need to meet a min. spend on a new creditcard.

Well,I don’t believe there currently is any lender who will allow you to pay yourmortgage with a credit card.  Obviously, most people know and understandthe reason behind this which does make sense.  Not everyone is diligentabout paying off their credit cards every month and this create a hugeliability for the lender if people are charging up their mortgage and thendefault.
Sohere’s your options:
  • Gift Cards – Buying gift cards to earn miles (or cash rebates) and then using the gift cards to purchase money orders that are deposited in a bank account or sent to the mortgage lender.  Be sure to check with your lender to confirm whether they classify buy gift cards as purchases or cash advances.  You don’t want to be stuck with any fees.  If they don’t charge any fees, this is a free way to earn those miles/points.

  • Balance Transfers – Many cards offer you bonus miles for balance transfers.  So you could pay your mortgage with a cash advance to yourself.  Then pay back your credit card after you receive the advance..  The interest or fees on the cash advance or the balance transfer could really negate whatever benefit you get from the added miles/points but you need to work the numbers to see if the benefits are worth it.  The interests or fees you pay may not be worth it.  Then again if you compare the cost of your ticket or added benefits of the miles/points on your trip you might find it very worth it.

  • Chargesmart – This is currently the only company I’m aware of online that allows you to pay your mortgage with a credit card through their site.  (If anyone knows of another site, can you please leave the info in the comment section.)  They act as the middle man between you and the lender.  They charge fees for this service of course.  There is not a set fee but it varies based upon your lender.  They work with all the major lenders.  Depending on the lender, there is either a blended fee (including a percentage of the transaction cost) or a flat fee associated with your transaction. The fee will be displayed prominently before you proceed with your transaction, and again at the “Confirm your Payment” screen before the card is charged.  So you have to go through the payment process before you’ll know exactly what your cost will be.  Depending upon your need it may be worth it.
If yourent, you can earn miles/points using a company called WilliamPaid.  There is a fee charge of 2.95% of your rent.  Thismight only be an option you want to use to top off accounts or meet min.spends.
NOTE: I have not used any of these services discussed above.  I only haveread about them in detail and I’m aware of their services.  I imagine I’lluse Chargesmart oneof these days if I really need it.  Nice to know about and have it in yourback pocket.  Hope this information is helpful to you.
Haveany of you used these services???  Please leave a comment and tell usewhich service and what was your experience.


  1. Gift Cards – I'm confused. I thought you couldn't buy money orders with a credit card. (I've checked) The Visa and MC gift cards don't allow debit pin numbers to be entered, so I doubt they'd take the card because they view it as a debit card. How do you buy a money order with a Gift card?

  2. I've not done this yet but have read extensively about it being possible. YMMV. It really depends upon the store you go to and if they allow you. If you can find a VISA GIFT card or any gift card that has a pin, then you can go buy money orders at the post office. From what I’ve read, you cannot use a credit card for money order at the USPS but you can use a debit card. So any gift card with a pin would work at USPS. I’ve also read that trying the major chain grocery stores probably won’t work but it all varies. I think small local grocery stores are probably your best bet. Once you find a place, don’t go broadcasting it though. Check out this thread: on Flyertalk – read post # 9 written by Rick Ingersoll, The Frugal Travel Guy. I’m going to be testing some of these strategies and others I know out soon and I’ll report back with what I discover. I’ve read a ton of people using these strategies and I need to get into the game so I can be banking all those miles on my mortgage each month.

  3. I've been thing this chargemart thing over. I have my mortgage with Bank of America that charges $14.95 per payment on Chargesmart. My mortgage is about $2500 per month. So I can earn 30,000 miles over a year on my US Air credit card costing about $180. Seems like a decent deal. I should get a domestic round trip for those miles with some left over. All for $180. Am I missing something?

  4. Nope! Sounds like a great plan! You know if you had a AA credit card that you only need 40,000 miles for a ticket to Europe during off season – Milesaver (October – May 15). I'm planning to use the milesaver award for our family next year.

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