My own domain and Award Wallet

Just registered my new domain name Lots to set up……little time.  Lots of miles & points to earn and tons of travel research to be done in the little free time a Momma has.  Checking my account is one of my daily little pleasures along with reading my travel/miles blogs.  It’s like escaping into a different world from all the daily tasks of a busy stay-at-home mom.  I love to dream about my families next adventure as I search for more points or miles to take us there.  If you don’t know about Award Wallet yet, check it out!  It’s the best place to keep track of all the miles & points you earn in one place.  With one click you can update all your frequent flyer accounts, hotel reward accounts and anything that tracks miles or points.  There is so much you can do with this free tool.  Also, you can download a copy of all your information into Excel or a PDF file.  I highly recommend doing this to keep a hard copy of all your account numbers.  Computers are awesome but they can fail.  Paper and ink is tried and true!  Best part of this tool is it’s FREE!!!  Just the way I like it!  So check it out today if you aren’t using it!

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