Much Art And More In Vero Beach

Vero Bach Florida trip white sand holiday for family

Vero Beach Florida is more than just a beach city. Though well-known for its beach hot spots and tourist attractions, the city also values art. Indeed, the beach can be considered an artist’s haven. Its fame for offering the good life is owed greatly to the integration of a tropical atmosphere and the cosmopolitanism of a cultured city. Hence, it was named as one of the premier art towns of America.

Vero Beach Art and Culture

The city exudes cultural wealth. The arts center which costs over $2 million dollars is declared the largest teaching facility and art museum in Florida. The 630-seat Riverside Theater is located on Treasure Coast. Aside from being Treasure Coast’s signature professional theatre, the venue is also known for staging expensive and world-class productions. The art culture started in Vero Beach in the early 20th century when artists, poets, artisans, and actors found their place and settled in the city. The botanical jungle garden was considered a landmark in landscaping and was built and opened to the public in the 1930s by Waldo Sexton and Arthur McKee. The theatre guild held their first presentation on the beachside in 1958 and Riverside Theater followed suit in 1974. But don’t get the impression that Vero beach caters only to the theatre or design artists because, in 1966, it formed its own concert association. As a mark of the citizen’s commitment to art, they raised and built a children’s theatre named after Anne Morton. As further proof of their value for art, most of these institutions were built by private donations with assistance from the beache’s local government.

Perhaps, it is the beauty of their own land that inspire the beach’s residents to create so much beauty of their own. After all, Vero Beach Florida is blessed with semi-tropical weather. This makes it a suitable place for a variety of flora including tropical trees and even pines which normally thrive in colder regions. There are also extensive citrus orchards and national parks in and around the beach. Since this is a beach place, flowers rage and towering palms dot the landscape. Surely, natural beauties such as these are enough to inspire anybody. However, if you’re not the artsy type of person, there are still lots of things to do and appreciate in Vero Beach. It is, after all, the Dodgers’ home, and considered as one of the top diving and surfing spots in Florida.

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