Happy Mother’s Day to all my Momma readers!  Hope you all have a wonderful relaxing day with your families.  Mine is starting off great!  Heading off for some hiking and beach time!

I was thinking of all you Mommies out there that read my blog and I have a Visa gift card I haven’t used.  So I’d like to give it to one of you!   😉  All you need to do is leave a comment with the best tip you have for mothers traveling with children and be a subscriber of the blog via email, facebook,reader, twitter or text alerts.  Your tip can be anything you think is helpful to know or you wish someone would have told you.  I will pick the a winner from the comments.  Since it’s Mother’s Day today I know many of you might not read this until tomorrow so I’ll give you until Monday at 11:59 p.m. PST to leave your comment!  I barely had time to write this post myself right now! 

Again, Happy Mother’s Day and thanks for being a reader of the Miles Momma blog.



  1. Happy Mother’s Day to you! I am having a nice relaxing morning after my fabulous husband and kids cooked me breakfast this morning. Later this evening we will embark on our journey back to the mainland which will entail 2 five hour flights (the first being a red eye flight leaving at 11:30 PM tonight), with a 9 hour layover in between. How will we do it? Well, I have packed familiar items for the baby; her blanket, favorite board books and her music player. For the 5.5 year old I’ve packed her some new activity books, her leapster explorer, and some new books she’ll be excited to read since she’s a new reader. For backup, in case of ultimate meltdown, we’ll have our laptop with us and a couple of kids movies. For part of our long layover we’ll take advantage of one of the comfy lounges available at the Honolulu airport for FREE, thanks to the Lounge Club offer that we learned about right here from Miles Momma! 🙂 We have a couple of fun activities planned in Honolulu once we get freshened up in the lounge and that will be an action packed day for the kids before we get back onto the plane.
    In the past I’ve traveled across the globe from the U.S. to Australia and back with my then 2 year old and for those long flights we always requested seats with extra leg room if they were available. Lollipops are always helpful to bring too for take off and landing to minimize ear discomfort from pressure changes. I hope some of these tips have been helpful and I wish all of the moms a great Mother’s Day 2012!

  2. My tip: relax and enjoy the vacation instead of trying to see & do everything. You’ll all have a better time because of it!

  3. The most important yet ignored fact would be to inquire beforehand with the airline about their nursing policy. Some airlines might not allow breastfeeding while some would. I am sure flight attendants might give you an extra blanket for no charge for this purpose. A window seat and wearing comfortable clothing for this will be very helpful too.

  4. I there. I nice tip for all those mommies (and daddies of course) that are planning to travel with children to Paris is the La VIlette Park. it is a wonderful park, 30 minutes with sub from downtown, but still in Paris, with everything that you can expect from it with two optional (why not say mandatory) attractions. The wonderful Citte de La Musique and Citte de La Science. The first one is a fabulous music museum with plenty of instruments (some of them very crazy like a 12 feet Bass), live concerts and workshops for children. The second museum is the museum of science, not so different from the ones you find in America but, as always, with a french taste. There is an amazing “see, hear and feel” area, with tons of experiments that will amuse children (and grownups too). Nice ideas for everyone that already know Paris main attractions and/or want to know a different area of the city.Happy Mothers Day!

  5. Well, I am an older traveler and when we traveled with young children back in the day ( I had 5) the hustle and bustle of airports was stressful enough without the concern now days of someone taking your child if they were to get out from under your watchful eye. For the youngest, who was a toddler, I had a toggle or leash if you will call it that attached to my wrist. Now I know some of you may say stuff like “OMG how awful” but more awful would be to lose my child in the airport or worse yet have some one take my one of my precious children. The leash gave them the freedom to roam a little and gave me the security of mind that they were with me. FYI: I lost my oldest son in a Department store once, (he loved to crawl under the hanging clothes) it was a nightmare for me. I don’t know if you can still get these but a children’s store is a great place to start. Oh, and they are great for places like Disney land too! My other tip is to give your baby or toddler a little dimetapp or benydryl just after take off. It will help them sleep a little part of the flight and give you some relief of them crawling all over you during the flight. Hope this tip from an older Mom helps some of you young travelers.

  6. First, we make sure Scarlett, age 20 months, had a great nites sleep prior, is well feed and hydrated.
    We arrive early to the airport,allowing plenty of time so we can allow her to walk walk walk and expend some of
    high level energy. We grab bottled waters, juice and snacks after clearing security and tuck them in with our fruit we brought from home. One big carry on holds books, i pad, coloring book with crayons, laptop and her favorite blanket. At 20 months she is not yet required to have her on seat, but we find it more comfortable for us all if we get her a seat of her own and we all get extra legroom. A juice box or chocolate milk saved for take off and landing alleviate ear problems. Scarlett loves the window seat and we gladly allow her the privilege to watch the clouds.

  7. With five kids, our MVP (most valuable procession) was a Graco Pack N Play. It’s hard enough to find a relatives home (sans kids), or a hotel that would provide a clean and Safe environment for your infant or toddler to sleep or play. Once the child becomes accustomed to their (bye bye bed), they fall asleep sooner and with less fuss than in a strange environment. And by using familiar bed sheets, blankets and toys, the Pack N Play was our light weight, portable and worry-free product lasting over 12 years.
    Tip: for this product or for travel in general: It helps to drape a blanket or sheet along the sides to shield distraction and light. {Warning: Not foolproof (err… toddler proof). Wearing the child down before bedtime works much better}.
    Before airlines charged for luggage, we traveled many times using the original cardboard box as a container.
    Besides using our tandem double stroller as a luggage cart (helpful tip #2), the Graco Pack N Play (or other similar product) is my recommendation for travel with children.
    Mark L.

  8. Quietness is not relevant to any child at any age. As long as they are awake. They would like something going on so for a baby or toddler, keep on hand lots of child approved songs to sing and talk to them. They love to hear your voice. It is when they hear silence that makes them spook when they are awake. For those late toddler and kids, being able to see out of the window is a must. Talking about the scenery or seeing airplanes or just anything keeps them entertained. I like also for little ones to have their toys or coloring more than I do having a television or game console around. Those toys and coloring helps them extend their imagination. When television is finished and the game has been played, nothing left.
    I like on facebook!

  9. We always try to start on the right foot way in advance with the purchasing of our airline tickets. Knowing that our 2 year old takes naps at noon, the flights always have to be early to mid-morning. We use a UppaBaby stroller at home, but being that it’s too heavy for travel purposes, we take the light and durable McClaren. Our 9 month old is always strapped to us via Bjorn so that works well. Many games and videos keep the plane at peaceful place and our sanity intact.

  10. My tips – start small ( a 2-3 hours road trip will do )and plan ahead ( get to details and be flexible with back-up plans) while traveling with kids .
    I’m a subscriber.

  11. My tip is to not cram in as many activities as possible every day. They will be exhausted. Through trial and error, we found it best to pick a day to relax at the beach, so that they wouldn’t be overwhelmed.
    I’m a FB fan (Mari Doug)

  12. like on facebook (michelle b)
    As far as traveling make sure to pack a cooler for drinks, bag with snacks and backpack with activiites for all ages and invest in a portable dvd player. Once at the destination make sure you have done your homework and take advantage of free activities such as visiting local museums, etc
    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  13. My tip: also have something handy to keep their attention, whether it is a sticker book or new colors and book. There will be a time when you need to pull it out and destract them on a long haul flight.

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