Well, Amex is really given us the love this Black Friday.  First we had the Free $25 AMEX Gift Card for simply liking FedEx and registering on Nov. 1st.  Boy was that a frenzy!  I’m glad I was persistent and just kept reloading and reloading until the link finally came up.  The 30,000 gift cards were given away in less than an hour.

Well, this AMEX promo only applies to holders of an eligible AMEX card and is for a $25 CREDIT for shopping on the day after Black Friday, They call it Small Business Saturday.  I can’t seem to find anywhere that it tells you who’s AMEX card qualifies.  So, if you don’t have an AMEX card you can stop read now.  If you do, I would suggest just trying to register.  If you have several AMEX cards like I do, I would register your business card if you have one.  I registered my Starwood Business AMEX and it worked fine.  Also, I would register ASAP as it says that registration is LIMITED!
You should also put in your zip code on their FB site and search for your local business so you know where you can shop.  I live in a small town of 40,000 and I thought there wouldn’t be many choices but there was a ton.  
Another fun promo!  Thanks American Express!  Love ya!


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