More FREE Best Western Points to be had!!!

Looks like you can still earn more FREE points from 

Best Western’s 10 Million Point Giveaway.

I liked their Facebook site last week and grabbed a few free points with a few clicks but today went back and grabbed even more.  The terms & conditions says you can only enter 1 time but the website lets you play again.  At least it let me play again today.  Last week I received 200 points – not much but there free!  This week my 1 minute earned me a total of 600 points.  Not too shabby!  Easy points!  Grab’em while there is still some left.  As with everything, YMMV (Your Miles Many Vary).  The promo ends October 31 or when all the points have been given away.  Just click on the click above, like them and enter your name, email address & Best Western Rewards number.  Then click to see how many points you earn.

Love to hear how many you get!  Maybe someone will hit the jackpot!  Comment and tell me how you do.  Good luck!

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