I’ve just being doing my quarterly credit review so I thought I’d post on credit monitoring.
If you are using your credit as an asset to secure free travel you should be closely monitoring your credit.  I would highly recommend using one of the following free services.

Credit Sesame
Credit Karma

You can use these services above to keep track of your score and activity on a daily/monthly basis.  They are also nice to predict changes in your score based upon activity you plan to do involving your credit.  I would also recommend actually getting your credit reports from all three bureaus, Experian, Transunion, and Equifax every three months.  Review them closely and note any discrepancies in your activity.
There are several free credit report sites you can use for this.  Most will not charge you for their service as long as you cancel within the trial period.  So sign up, get your report and be sure to cancel within the trial period.
TrueCredit Credit Score

You are also entitled by law to receive your credit report once a year from all the credit bureaus for FREE.  You can request that directly from  Here is information regarding your rights from Federal Trade Commission’s website.  Be careful as many companies mislead you into thinking their service is free when it really isn’t.  Simply use the free trial, get your report and then cancel. is the only “official” site designated by the government that you can obtain a copy of your credit from each agency one a year.

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