Great opportunity to pick up a few Southwest points if you were already planning to use Turbo Tax to file your taxes online.  This offer is only for filing online with Turbo Tax and not using the software purchased at the store.

TripAlertz is still giving away $5 for every person you invite.  Keep referring your friends!  If you haven’t joined, you can use my link and join here.  You’ll receive a $25 credit for joining for free and I’ll receive $5.  Then you can start referring your friends and earning credit towards yours a vacation.

Just wanted to remind my readers about these nice little Netflix offers.  If you haven’t done them, you can do them all.  You can earn the bonus with each airline.  I do not think you can earn the bonus more than once though.  Neflix I believe tracks your frequent flyer number and will only allow it to be used once.  Here is the steps I have done in the past and my recommendation when cycling through all these offers (over time).
  • Cancel current account (if you are already a member)
  • Clear browser history
  • Open browser and sign up through your desired partner link
  • If your old email and sign up comes up, click on “not a member – click here
  • Be sure now when you are at the sign up screen that you see your desired partner offer at the top of the screen.  It will look like this.
  • Use your name, different email address and appropriate loyalty membership number
  • Select Instant Streaming (don’t do mail because that will track your address to your previous accounts)
  • Fill in name, credit card number and zip code.  Hit “Start Membership”.  You are done!
  • Wait for your miles to post.  Cancel and repeat with another program.
Note:  It does say in the Terms & Conditions that you can only receive 1 bonus per household but that has not been my experience.  As with many offers, YMMV (your miles may vary – wish someone would have been nice enough to spell this out for me when I was a newbie – had to send someone a message and ask).

So basically if you are already using Netflix, this is just an opportunity to earn some miles/points from the $8 a month you are already spending.  If you don’t have a use for Netflix, you are basically buy 1,500 – 4,000 miles depending upon the offer for $8.  Not a bad deal.  You can sign up and cancel at anytime.  No obligation!  It’s any easy way to earn some extra miles and remember they add up quickly!

United Airlines

4,000 bonus miles (Must use United Mileage Plus Visa to receive full 4,000 miles)
2,500 bonus miles
American Airlines
2,500 bonus miles
US Airways
1,500 bonus miles
Priority Club
3,000 bonus points

UPDATE:  Netflix is currently not offering any bonus offers for miles or points.

Need status with Best Western.  Here is a nice status match offer.  Just email them proof of your status with another hotel loyalty program and you’re status will be matched.

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