Miles Momma Voted USA Today 10 Best Miles & Points Blogs

Miles Momma has been voted as one of the Best Miles & Points Travel Blogs by USA Today 10 Best
on the blogosphere for the second year in a row!  Wow!  Thank you USA Today for the nomination and all my worldwide fans for voting for me.  I feel honored to be on the list with all these top travel bloggers in my niche!
There miles and points bloggers are some of the best of the best!
We are all miles and points junkies and love travel so much that we do crazy things to amass boat loads of miles and points.  Anyone who knows me, would say I love to talk travel and miles/points; although I don’t bring up my “hobby” with the average person I meet.  If they ask, then watch out!  I firmly believe that traveling “free” or very close to it is possible for the average person.  Why?  Because I’ve done just that for years.  My family has traveled all over the world and would never have had the opportunity if it weren’t for my “hobby” as I like to call it.  What I believe makes my site unique is I’m a middle class gal with a middle class life and I don’t travel for business anywhere!  I write for the “average Joe” because that is me.  So many miles and points bloggers are business travelers or earn large incomes to use in creative ways to earn loads of miles and points.  Some of the bloggers on this list are even owned by huge financial institutions while others are backed by large travel organizations.  I’m proud to be one of the independent bloggers listed. I love that no one owns Miles Momma; it’s just me.  I’ve even had offers to buy my site or partner with me; but I just could never sell Miles Momma.  It’s too personal and it would change.  I’ve seen other blogs sell and it’s not the same.
I’m the stay-at-home Momma next door!  The only difference is I’m frequently asking my neighbors to watch our little doggie “Cosmo” because we are heading off on another adventure!  Not because I’ve made a ton of money blogging like “the big dogs” as I call them; but because I’ve collected millions of miles and points so the trip is actually almost free.  I also earn cash bonuses to pay for the food, entertainment, and tours we might like to enjoy.  I’m truly a travel addict and I just love the adventure of exploring the world.  This is what drives my “hobby”!  It’s not about miles and points; it’s truly about creating memories that will last a lifetime in my heart!  I have so many tuck away and I cherish them.  It’s people and moments that matter in life to me!
I love to share and always have; thus my blog emerged more than 8 years ago!  I’m very thankful for so many of you who have been faithful readers from the very beginning.  I love connecting with you over the years.  Thank you to so many of my award booking clients that I have found & booked your award seats.  It’s always a joy to make someone’s day when I find award seats after they’ve been told by the airlines “I’m sorry, there are absolutely no seats available“.  It’s really fun making someone’s dream become a reality.  I get to live vicariously through them in that moment and wish I was heading off for that adventure.  I appreciate those who have followed along even in the days when I wasn’t able to blog as often because I’m a Momma first.  Additionally, I’ve been building and designing a new website – Miles Momma Travel.  I’m also re-design Mile Momma to be better than ever as a resource website. Miles Momma Travel will feature travel specials  and my services as a Independent Travel Agent.  I am proud to announce I can now service all your travel needs when helping with your award bookings.  I can customized trips that include whatever miles and points you have to use and fill in the gaps with “traditional” travel where needed.  So look to see the launch of my new site soon!  In the meantime, if I can help you, please don’t hesitate to email me.  I DO NOT charge any fees for “traditional” travel planning or bookings. I believe that would be double dipping and I’m not looking to grease my pocket.  I will be paid a commission from all travel vendors used.  Travel agents are paid by the vendors and I believe should always work “free” for the client.  Many don’t and charge clients a “planning fee” as I’ve seen it called.  I only charge for the “award” travel booking part as I’m not compensated for my time by anyone in that scenario.  My goal is to earn repeat clients as many of my clients are.  I actually helped one of my oldest clients last week from five years ago when I started doing award bookings.  It was really fun to connect with her again.  She had a last minute booking to Madrid, Prague & Budapest that I was able to make happen.  I was so thrilled and of course so was she!
Well, again, THANK YOU readers!!!  You are the biggest reason I was selected for this honor.
Read more details about the 10Best Readers’ Choice Award below:
Points, miles, sign-up bonuses, black-out dates – the world of rewards travel can be mind boggling to the uninitiated. Luckily, a host of travel gurus have been filling the webosphere with loads of useful advice on how to leverage loyalty and frequent flyer programs to make the most of your travel budget. 10Best editors have picked some of the most helpful blogs as nominees for the category Best Miles-and-Points Blog. Now it’s your turn to pick a winner. Vote for your favorite once per day until voting closes on Monday, November 7 at noon ET. The 10 best winning blogs will be announced on Friday, November 11.”
10best-readers-choiceABOUT THE CONTEST
The 10Best Readers’ Choice Award contest launches new categories every other Monday at noon, revealing each category’s 20 nominees. After 4 weeks of voting, the contest closes on the 28th day at noon. On the Friday after voting ends, winners are revealed. Rules allow members of the public the right to vote online for one nominee per category, per day.
Nominees for all categories are chosen by a panel of relevant experts, which include editors from USA TODAY, editors from 10Best. com, relevant expert contributors, and sources for both these media and other Gannett properties. The nomination panel for each award category is displayed on its associated contest page. All voting is digital and the 10Best Readers’ Choice Award contest is accessible on the website
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Thanks USA Today!  I’m honored!! @10Best #10BestReadersChoice

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